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How many calories are fresh and frozen in strawberries? Is it possible to eat strawberries when you are losing weight? Strawberry Slimming Properties

The benefits of strawberries for weight loss. Its energy value is fresh and frozen. Summer is in full swing. So the time has come for fresh berries, fruits and greens. It seems that more is needed to maintain the beauty and health of the body. Especially when it's time for homemade strawberries from the garden. It is tasty, and healthy, and fragrant, and helps to slim.
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Dream interpretation - horses: why dream about a red, black, white, brown, gray, spotted horse? Why dream about the image, silhouette, shadow of a horse with mane, horns, wings: the interpretation of sleep for men and women

In the article you will find an interpretation of the dream in which you saw a horse or a stallion. Why does a horse dream about white, black, red, gray, brown, red, pink, blue, blue, violet, color? Anyone can dream of a horse and this image always symbolizes something good, since the animal in many dream books is associated with friends.
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Hat for girls with knitting needles: diagrams and description. Fashionable knitted baby hats knitting for girls and teenagers winter, spring, autumn, new models

Knitted hats for girls. Types, features, diagrams and descriptions. The period of motherhood is a responsible and amazing time when a young mother opens up or returns to forgotten hobbies and hobbies. One of them is knitting for their children. With the approach of cold weather, I especially want to create a warm and cute hat for my daughter with my own hands.
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How to prepare for discharge from the hospital of the boy? Baby clothing, script for discharge

In this article I would like to highlight the issue of discharge from the hospital with a son in his arms. Extract is a rather complicated process, which includes both taking care of the baby and organizing the holiday. Do you know that every country has its own traditions regarding newborns? And this is not surprising, because the emergence of a new life is a real event in every family.
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Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of a woman 50 years old in poetry, prose, SMS: words, text, sketches. Competitions and comic, funny, touching, original, interesting, short congratulations on the anniversary of a woman, mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, colleague 50 years: words

The article offers you a choice of congratulations on the anniversary of a woman in her 50s. Let the country not celebrate this day, And many do not know about it, Let many do not notice it, But, most importantly, we remember it. 50 years - not so much, And you (name) do not be sad! Always go straight, Encountering joy on the way! Beautiful, original congratulations on the anniversary of a woman colleague for 50 years in poetry, prose, SMS. Fiftieth anniversary is an important event in the life of every person.
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