Lack of money: reasons, what to do? What are the minimum family expenses per month?

It’s good when we can spend money and we still have a good supply. But what if we are constantly faced with a catastrophic lack of money?

Surely you are faced with a situation where you were sorely lacking funds, especially when it was so important. After that, you were just disappointed. And in your head various questions began to arise, for example, "For what reasons did not have enough finance?" What to do in the future, so that all the time there is enough money to buy food, for a prosperous life, for a normal existence?

Lack of money: approximate family expenses

  • You know that only with the help of money you can buy all the necessary things. But because of the constant thoughts about finances, that they are not enough, you can worry, worry. There is fear about constant lack of money in the family, thereby you lose peace. This may prevent you from properly managing your own money; it is normal for finances.
  • The first thing you should pay attention to when lack of money - every person is addicted to money. Just think about it, because you spend about 8 hours a day to find or raise money, think about your own work, about what it is better to spend money on.
No money
  • The sad thing is that even after receiving big money, you are not doing the most basic thing - Do not manage finances. It is very unfortunate, but there is only one true truth - either finances work for you, or you work for them.

People have different ideas about what a comfortable life should be like. One is enough 20,000 rubles a month, and the other with overstated requests and a million will not be enough. If you look at acute shortage of money from the real side, it is easy to calculate the amount for a month that a family of 2 adults and 2 children will need for a normal existence.

  • The cost of food is 20,000 rubles.
  • The apartment fee is 6,000 rubles. (this is only an average indicator, it may be different depending on the region of the country).
  • Other important expenses (replenishment of a mobile phone, Internet, payment for television, etc.) - 2,000 rubles.
  • Children's education (this includes circles, school meals) - 6,000 rubles.
  • Things, shoes, detergents - 3 000 rubles. (these costs are not carried out every month).

It turns out 37 000 rubles. But sometimes you feel like taking a walk, going to a cafe or theater, taking the kids to a zoo or circus. And sometimes you want to buy sweets, and for children toys or useful books. About 8,000 rubles can still be added to the total amount.

  • The fact is that in our calculations not average indicators are given, but minimum ones. In real life, it is very difficult to keep within this framework. For example, utility bills can increase significantly if you spend more water.
  • Teaching children for many people comes out much more. There are people who need expensive treatment or he needs special nutrition.
  • In reality, a person is faced with a large number unplanned spending. For example, a computer broke down, thanks to which one of the family members makes money.
  • Of course, financial cushion for complete safety can save you. However, replenishing it is almost unrealistic if you have enough budget every month, only to cover basic expenses. In addition, unplanned costs are quite high, but because your stock is definitely not enough.
  • The birth of another child is another reason why finances may not be enough. Often girls say that I want a baby, but I'm afraid of a lack of money. After all, one of the earners goes on maternity leave, so family income is significantly reduced. And after the baby is born, more costs will be required, perhaps even very large.
  • This is only part of the examples when people do not have enough money to provide for their families. Below are the most important of them, which are worth exploring in more detail.

Reasons for the lack of money

There are several main reasons why you are having catastrophic lack of money. Examine them carefully, and then draw conclusions.

Catastrophic shortage
  • You cannot skillfully manage money. If someone from your married couple (husband or wife) is wrong about finances, there is a complete lack of carefulness of money. Such a principle may work in your married couple - "how much money you would not have earned, you simply have to spend all the money quickly." As a result of this, you cannot make any accumulations.
  • Large amounts you spend buying unnecessary. The goal of each advertising company is to increase the volume of unexpected purchases made by people on emotions. Spontaneous purchase of a product - funds that were wasted on various rubbish. Perhaps the purchased product will "eat up" most of your income.
  • Health problems and other accidents. Treatment or worse funeral - these expenses speak for themselves. Treatment of a person for a long period of time for many people is the main cause of impoverishment. As a result of this, the family needs what is most lacking - money.
No money in the family
  • Regular debt load. On each side of the family are pouring ideas to live better, using loans. The pleasant faces of the borrowers who smile from the TV screens or billboards promise us that life with loans will be happy and carefree. By the way, only 10th of the entire population can not pay for advertising. Other people still sometime realize that credit is absolutely normal. Debt or credit is also the payment of some interest, which is why sometimes you may not have enough money. Remember that overstated loan rates sooner or later lead to a decrease in family income.
  • You do not see the difference between needs and desires. You and many people sometimes have a strong desire to buy something. For example, you dream about the latest mobile phone novelty, and this in turn can pick up most of the family budget. There is the only solution to this problem - say to yourself in time “no”, sometimes refuse your own desires.
  • Excessive passion for charity. There are people who are ready at any time to lend their own finances to each person. That's why they try to use such people. unscrupulous personswho, when borrowed from them, are in no hurry to return the money. This greatly affects the financial situation of any family. If you belong to people who cannot refuse to give a debt, listen to our advice. Know that helping people is wonderful, but only in those cases when you can fully satisfy your needs, you have money that you can give in loans.
  • Lack of additional savings. Such savings make it possible for the family to take money if necessary, to avoid loans and overpay large interest for them. If you do not have such savings, then you may have financial difficulties at any time.
  • You cannot or do not want to keep track of your own expenses. Failure to control your own funds can lead to the following - your family’s expenses will exceed your income. If you begin to control expenses, you will immediately be surprised how many unusual things you bought earlier, because of which you began to run out of money.
  • Crisis situation. Costs may vary each month. It all depends on the time of year. If within 6 months you run out of money a week after receiving your salary, then perhaps you are facing a crisis. Often this happens due to the fact that people receive very small pay for their work or at the enterprise they delay their salaries. Maybe you should consider changing your job.
A crisis
  • Illiteracy financially. You probably have some things that you rarely use in your own life. People’s heads are filled with various formulas, but not everyone knows about money. But it is finances that are considered an important aspect of the life of mankind, without them one cannot exist. It is unfortunate, but they have not yet taught such a subject at the institute, which teaches you how to properly manage money. Even not many parents try to convey their own children experience on how to use money.

Lack of money: what to do?

As you noticed, there are many different reasons.constant lack of money. But you will quickly eliminate them if you stick to our recommendations.

  • Keep a record of your own finances. If you don’t want to draw a lot of tables, fill them out, calculate the amounts, install a special application on your mobile phone, try to control your own finances. You can also find out where the funds were spent if you periodically look into your personal bank account. Carry out a cost analysis: maybe you are impulsively buying unwanted goods. If you do not, quickly improve your own financial situation.
  • Save money. On the day you receive wages, put aside part in the reserve that you will not touch. Wait until the desired amount is collected. Save money immediately while they are still there. To take some part of the finances is not difficult. Make a piggy bank, put bills in it. Or you can open a bank account. There transfer money from salary after their receipt. You can set it in your account so that money is transferred from the account automatically. Thus, accumulating money will not be so traumatic for you. If you expect several high costs, for example, buying a house or car, open an account for the necessary purchase.
Save up
  • Plan your expenses. Think about what you need to buy, what your family really needs. Fix future purchases, calculate the amount that will be spent. Be sure to consider it when you plan other expenses. Stock up on the right things in advance, then to search slowly, to select according to your own taste. So it will be more profitable for you, much more convenient.
  • Do not take lightly on financial savings. Buy only quality goods, including items and shoes. If you will buy summer clothes, do not buy things made of synthetic material. Give preference for cotton things. Clothes that are pleasant to the body will last you much longer, and clothes made of artificial fabrics will make you sweat a lot in the summer. As a result, you will want to get rid of it. This means that you will be affected by new expenses.
  • Pay the bills. The accumulation of required debts can lead to the fact that the quality of your life will deteriorate significantly. After you receive your salary, calculate the funds in the savings account, take away the amount of important payments. Only after that can you plan the expenses for the next month from the money that remains.
Pay the bills
  • Try to be careful about things. Do not be lazy, use those methods that help extend the life of your property. If the machine needs maintenance, go to a service center. Wash the refrigerator regularly, pour limescale preparations into the washing machine. Properly care for leather items, clothing that is made from natural fabrics. So you can save money, and your expensive clothes, which you will carefully look after, will allow you to look beautiful even during a financial crisis.
  • Increase revenue. Here a lot will depend on what skills, capabilities you have. For example, find a side job, sell old things at a sale, open a small business, get tutors (if possible). Know that money loves to work, they must "multiply". In other words, invest or invest your own finances in some projects in order to receive large interest thanks to them in the future.
Try to increase revenue

Stick to your always planned budget. Do not rush to purchase, every time avoid unexpected acquisitions. Refuse souvenirs, do not constantly go to expensive parties. Better pay a loan or repay a debt. For example, instead of 1,000 rubles, pay 2,000.

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