Ernst and Malakhov: a remedy for joints for 1 ruble - scandal. What kind of joint remedy for 1 ruble?

More recently, a scandal broke out between Andrei Malakhov and Konstantin Ernst. Let's find out what is the reason?

More recently, it became known about the scandal of Andrei Malakhov and Konstantin Ernst. It happened on the air of the program "Let them talk", but he was banned from showing. However, a brief talk about it is still possible.

What kind of scandal does Malakhov and Ernst have?

The essence of the scandal is that Andrei Malakhov decided without Ernst’s consent to make a program about a miracle joint remedy, which costs only 1 ruble! The plot was based on people with disabilities suffering from joint pain. They did not help a single tool, even the most expensive, but today a penny drug was created, the effectiveness is not comparable to any other.

Andrei Malakhov

Ernst did not like that he had not approved the theme of the program and, as a punishment, the broadcast did not appear on the screens. Andrei was fired and began to look for another job.

However, Malakhov himself believes that he did nothing wrong. He gave people the opportunity to learn the truth, which allowed to change the lives of many. Yes, he donated work and talked about Ernst’s connections with the pharmacy mafia, which advertised on the first channel. Its leaders live solely abroad, and at the expense of honest people. But Russian scientists have already come up with a remedy that helps aching joints and really treats them, and besides, it costs almost nothing.

Konstantin Ernst in response to these statements said that Malakhov thinks only of himself and did not agree on the broadcast simply because he knew that he would not be allowed to show.

Konstantin Ernst

Plus, he replied that he treats people with disabilities well, but each channel exists largely due to advertising and he cannot do it for free. Thus, billions would be lost because of the air, because even a minute of advertising on the air “Let them talk” is very expensive.

Another interesting question - why is Pantogor, and this is the name of the advertised product for joints, not in pharmacies? But this question was answered. Scientists of one of the research institutes came up with a drug and distribute it for a modest fee, because they can not compete with larger market players due to a lack of funds and capabilities. Despite this, Pantogor is very effective and in great demand. Once in pharmacies it is absent, then you can buy it only on the official website by placing an order.

Pantagor ointment for joints - what is this ointment?


When joints hurt and it is difficult to perform even simple actions, this is the first sign of arthrosis or arthritis. Pantagor ointment helps to get rid of these ailments. It has a good analgesic effect and makes the healing process less painful.

The ointment is able to give a good effect due to its natural composition. The gel promotes the activation of the internal forces of the body and induces cartilage to regenerate. In addition, the drug has no contraindications for use.

Pantagor ointment for joints - where to buy, price?

In pharmacies, this drug is not available due to the uniqueness of the composition and the lack of the ability to advertise it on all available channels. In addition, pharmacies can not come to the same opinion about the cost. Therefore, sales are carried out through the official website. Today it is really possible to purchase a drug for only 1 ruble, as Andrey Malakhov told about in his, unfortunately, inaccessible to the public, transmission. This approach allows you to make the drug accessible to everyone.

Pantogor for 1 ruble

The order is made very simple, it is enough to leave your contact details on the official website and when the operator calls you, discuss the delivery conditions with him. It is important to note that no prepayments are required, delivery will be cash on delivery.

Ointment for joints Pantagor - composition, components

Pantagor has exclusively natural components and some of them are rare, and it is difficult to get them.

  • Maclura Extract. The extract of these fruits contains all the necessary components for the effective regeneration of cartilage. In addition, it stimulates the immune system and eliminates inflammation.
  • Devil's claw. This component copes with arthrosis and eliminates its main symptoms - pain and swelling. It is worth noting that it is not contained in any other agent.
  • Golden mustache. The substances of this plant increase the efficiency of cells that are responsible for immunity. Plus, the component does not allow pathologies to develop.
  • Adam root. The ingredient presented consists of oxalic and formic acid. It eliminates swelling and restores tissue elasticity. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the skeleton.

It is also important to note that since the preparation is herbal, it does not cause allergies and it has no contraindications. This is confirmed by a huge number of good reviews.

Pantagor joint ointment - when can I use it?

How to use?

Pantagor is indicated for use in various joint pathologies:

  • Arthritis
  • Ankylosis
  • Arthrosis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis with back pain
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Other diseases
  • The gel allows you to eliminate symptoms such as:
  • Disruption of metabolic processes in the body
  • Injuries
  • Weak immune system
  • Bacterial infections

The restoration of cartilage tissue and the launch of natural mechanisms is the main function of the drug. Moreover, it has an anesthetic effect and restores joint mobility.

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