Winter landscapes made of paper for decorating windows for the New Year: print and cut patterns and stencils for stickers and drawing on windows, photos. New Year’s landscapes, Moon, month made of paper: plot stencils, templates, holders for the design of New Year’s windows

In this article you will learn about the ideas for decorating windows for the New Year.

Recently it has become very popular to make snowflakes on the window. No, snowflakes used to be glued to children, but you must admit that today you can see the whole real picture. And to do this is not so difficult when at hand there are the necessary stencils and templates. By the way, such an activity is perfect for parents who have children. After all, it will turn out not just decoration on the windows, but also a wonderful family activity.

How to make a stained glass window, cut plot stencils from paper onto a window with your own hands: tips

Stained glass, of course, are considered various images of colored glass. Yes, this is a whole art that manifests itself through lighting (sunlight is most often used). Yes, not everyone knows how to solder and connect glass to each other. But our little tips will help create a truly mesmerizing stained glass window. By the way, not only on New Year's theme, any holiday can be the reason.

  • First thing you need prepare a sketch. Now the task is much simpler, you can download any option you like from the Internet. But, if you have artistic skills, then you can start drawing yourself.
  • By the way, stencils are printed more often on a regular sheet of paper (that is, A4). Then these drawings are simply combined into one picture. You do not need to print each item separately. Indeed, for example, a frame or decorated branches of a Christmas tree (or pine) can be transferred several times to paper, and then simply decorated with black felt-tip pen (or gouache).

IMPORTANT: Stained-glass windows require great accuracy and accuracy. All lines should be even, otherwise a sloppy look will come out. If you plan to do such a craft with children, then choose stencils easier so that the lines have clear contours and sufficient thickness.

  • If you plan to make a stained-glass window completely on the whole window, then it is better to print immediately on A1 format (or whatever you get). Yes, such a printout will be much more expensive. But keep in mind the fact that you don’t need to bother with a lot of small pieces of paper and the density of the stencil will be greater, which means that you will get additional durability.
    • By the way, with independent drawings the situation is similar. Although, as an option, you can glue together several ordinary sheets and then transfer the template.
  • If you use a ready-made stencil, then they will have color. If you plan to transfer to paper according to a template, then do not forget to decorate them. But you can leave it and just white. Just keep in mind that stained glass involves the use of a black frame and a colored background (i.e., rear view).
  • Next, you will become a very important task. Cut smoothly and accurately all lines. Scissors set aside. For these purposes, you need to use a special sharp knife (yes, a kitchen appliance will not work either). Alternatively, you can replace the clerical knife (the main thing is to be sharp).
    • Those planning to leave the painting in white may skip the next step. Since, the effect will not be the same as with the black background. Getting to the background. It is to those colored pieces. We take ordinary colored paper or, if you want, you can paint gouache sheets.
  • To cut the desired pattern, you need to put the paper face up, and attach our drawing. Gently redraw the pattern. By the way, keep in mind that the pieces of the picture will be glued to the base, so leave a little space for this.
  • Alternatively, you can simply cut multi-colored strips and stick them on the wrong side, and cut off the excess ends. This method is great for creativity with children. Especially with the little ones.
Decoration item
  • And now only stick stained glass window. For these purposes, use plain water or soap. You can use just soapy water or rub the stencil with wet soap.
  • Ordinary milk is also suitable, but keep in mind that white marks will need to be thoroughly wiped.
  • And another option is toothpaste. She will keep the drawing well, but after drying, the window will need to be thoroughly washed several times.

IMPORTANT: You can take glue - a pencil or PVA. Some even resort to scotch tape. But for paper stained glass, this is a very difficult basis. If you have a cardboard drawing, then, of course, water will not help. For foam and plastic stencils, of course, glue is also used.

The Tale on the Nutcracker Window: Cutting Templates and Stencils and Window Stickers

Recently, ballerinas are increasingly decorating the windows of residents for the New Year. Someone does not see any connection? And remember the Soviet cartoon "The Nutcracker". Ballerinas do not just dance there, they waltz to the beautiful music of A. Tchaikovsky.

  • By the way, you can make the Nutcracker himself, as well as other characters. They can have completely different sizes and colors. You can decorate them or just leave them white.
  • By the way, if you want to make the picture color, then you can just cut out the base (that is, the template). Alternatively, you can create a stained glass window. But for such delicate work, a lot of attention and diligence will be required, since there are small details.
  • Ballerinas can have a different position, but their main advantage is a pack.

IMPORTANT: Its shape can be standard, or you can cut a snowflake from it. It will turn out not only original, but also insanely beautiful.

  • And yet, ballerinas can be done not just in a flat form, but also create a fluffy and voluminous skirt. And you can hang such beauty on the strings for the cornice.

The fairy tale on the window "Snow Queen": templates and cliches for cutting and stickers on the window

This cartoon is known not only by adults, but also by their children. Yes, today you can find many cartoons (albeit retake), but with such a theme. In this matter, as they say, one can give free rein to imagination.

  • Very beautiful, but a little harsh (since this is a negative character) the Snow Queen herself will look. By the way, it is better to do it on the whole window.

IMPORTANT: The Snow Queen can also be depicted as a portrait, but if you want to depict her in full growth, then the shape and position can be absolutely any.

  • If you make a composition from the plots of such a fairy tale, then you need to choose the sizes corresponding to all the elements.
The Snow Queen
  • Kai and Gerda will also be an integral part of this tale. They, too, can be cut out on a stencil and left in white format, or you can simply cut out shapes and decorate them with the corresponding color.
  • Snowmen and deer are used as an additional attribute of the picture.

Tale on the window "Zayushkina hut": templates and cliches for cutting and window stickers

This is a sweet and kind fairy tale. Yes, she also has a share of teachings and cognitive meaning. Pictures are best done with a smile and a positive attitude. Yes, the main character will be a bunny. And not just, but with his house (bast). But the fox can depict his house (ice). Also, do not forget about other animals - heroes. They only diversify the window tale.

Animals on the window

Fairy tale on the window "Frost": patterns and stencils for cutting and window stickers

Another good tale from the time of the USSR. He will not repeat the full story, but briefly recall the main characters. Of course, one cannot help but decorate the New Year’s window with the image of a kind and disinterested girl named Nastya. And do not forget to depict Santa Claus, who found her in the forest.

Tale on the windows
  • If you want to create a complete plot picture of a fairy tale, then do not forget to depict Marfushka. Yes, not just, but on a sleigh that is harnessed by a trio of pigs. And cut the dowry chest (crows). This plot will be great to cheer up.
  • Of course, you still need to portray Ivan and Nastya. But such a stencil will be hard to draw on its own. Therefore, we present to your attention prepared templates that you just need to cut out.
  • For a complete picture, you can add images of an old man with an old woman. And also, Babu Yagu with the robbers. Children will appreciate this creation.

Fairy Tale on the Masha and the Bear Window: Cutting Templates and Stencils and Window Stickers

A modern cartoon that all children and their parents know. Of course, you need to portray the very active girl Masha, and next to the huge and calm Bear. Templates on a similar topic are the most diverse, and drawing them yourself is not too difficult.

  • Do not forget that you can include fantasy and humor. Therefore, you can make a fairy tale on the window, how Masha pranks everywhere (for this, remember the bright moments of the cartoon), and the Bear cleans in a panic behind her.
Masha at the window
  • But you can recall an exemplary Masha - a student or assistant. Although the help and Masha for many do not fit into the head, because her actions usually only create additional problems.

Tale on the window "Ryaba Chicken": templates and stencils for cutting and window stickers

Remember your childhood and your favorite tales. This tale is known even to modern children. Of course, you need to depict the chicken itself and a huge golden egg. And next to it place a joyful grandfather with a woman and a prankish mouse. If you want to convey the plot of a picture, then create a whole creation from the applications of all events.

Ryaba Chicken

Tale on the Cinderella window: templates and cliches for cutting and window stickers

If you have your own princesses in your house, then do not forget about the eternal fairy tale - about Cinderella. It is not necessary to convey the whole plot, but to depict Cinderella herself in a beautiful outfit, a crystal shoe, a carriage - a pumpkin and a prince, must be.

  • Yes, they can spin in a waltz or make a stencil as a beautiful stranger escapes from the ball. By the way, the clock will be, as well as possible, to the place for the New Year theme. Moreover, the position of the arrows will be at 12.
  • The prince can put a crystal shoe on Cinderella’s graceful leg. And the mother and her daughters with displeased faces are watching the events.
Cinderella at the window Cinderella at the window
  • And helpers are mice and birds. They do not have to be shown at work, but in the big picture they will not be superfluous.
  • Alternatively, Cinderella can be portrayed at work. But New Year's Eve is the time when you are waiting for a miracle. And not only children, adults, too, continue to believe in the best. Therefore, the image of the ball is more suitable, and let the harsh everyday life remain in the background.

The Tale on the Window “Mitt”: templates and stencils for cutting and stickers on the window

This tale is familiar to all children from an early age. Yes, it is small and easy to read, so one of the first children begin to read (well, perhaps, “Kolobok” outperforms it in this aspect).

  • She is great for the New Year theme. Optional, but desirable to depict all animals. By the way, they can be placed throughout the window, and in the center to show their house - a mitten.
  • Although much more interesting will be the image of animals that all fit in it. You can choose a funny stencil that shows how crowded all of them are.
Mittens for windows
  • Or portray cheerful and joyful faces that they have a warm and comfortable house.
  • If you want to finish the picture completely, then in the background show the grandfather with his dog, who is looking for his mitten (or goes to the house).

The tale on the window is “Falling snow outside the window”: templates and stencils for cutting and window stickers

Recall that this is also a cartoon of the Soviet era, which is made in the style of plasticine modeling. The essence of the cartoon is that the wife sent her husband to the forest for the Christmas tree. And there already in the hut strange things happened to him.

New Year stencil

Take a few as a basis (as he played with a magic wand) or even one stencil (it will be interesting to look at the moment where instead of the body he has a huge clock). Indeed, funny pictures will certainly cheer up the household, and guests, and even passers-by on the street.

Another winter tale on a window made of paper: patterns and stencils for cutting and window stickers

What a variety of cartoons and fairy tales for the New Year exists. Not only can you take old versions. For example, the cartoon Snow Queen has recently been released. The characters and the plot itself have changed a little, but your children will definitely appreciate such a fairy tale on the window.

  • Remember how many Disney cartoons on this topic. For example, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" or "Christmas Story." Stencils are best done bright (at least in the first version). The tale will turn out to be very unusual and modern.
  • Now the girls love Bratz babies, so feel free to use their New Year series.
Paper snowman
  • A great option would be "Snowman-mailer" or "Winter's Tale." It is impossible to count all versions of New Year cartoons. You can safely use your favorite characters, decorating the drawings with New Year's themes (that is, a Christmas tree, snowflakes or angels).

We gave many options how to create a winter fairy tale on your window. You, again, can choose any heroes. A sleigh with Santa Claus driven by deer will look very nice. Or just a big deer near the tree will create the right mood. See our templates and get inspired. Moreover, each family can create sketches from plain paper, involving in this business and children.

Winter's tale on a window made of paper

Vytynanka are becoming very popular lately. Recall that this is such a kind of art, which is based on cutting various patterns from paper. Christmas balls with various patterns that will be hung around the window will look very nice.

Vytynanka Vytynanka Vytynanka

Houses and other landscapes will become indispensable attributes of a fairy tale. By the way, it is not always necessary to use only New Year's sketches, it can be a sitting cat or a playing dog. The main thing is to create drawings that will be right for you.

IMPORTANT: At first, try to take templates that are less complicated to create a neat composition. And do not forget that training will help in this matter. Do not be afraid to experiment. If something does not work out the first time, then it will come out a second time. Just keep in mind the flaws.

How to decorate windows with a winter fairy tale in kindergarten, school, home for the New Year, Christmas: ideas, photos

It doesn’t matter in which room the fairy tale on the window will be made. In kindergarten, at home or at your work, the theme remains unchanged. We also want to offer several options for your inspiration. After all, as you know, sometimes some ideas give rise to others.

Decorate windows Decorate windows Holiday decoration

By the way, do not be afraid to combine versions among themselves. The main thing is to do everything in a good mood and with a soul.

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