"At the same time" is highlighted with commas or not - at the beginning, end, middle of the sentence: rules, examples

The rules of the Russian language are diverse and it is very difficult to remember all of them. In our article, we will discuss whether the phrase “at the same time” is highlighted with commas in the sentence.

Often when writing sentences, one has to doubt the correct spelling of the words, or rather, the setting of commas. As a rule, difficulties arise at the stage of determining whether the introductory word is general or not. We decided to figure out whether it is necessary to highlight the phrase with commas. “At the same time”.

"However," is a comma needed?

Do I need a comma?

Immediately answer this question categorically - no, you do not need to put a comma. The fact is that this word is an adverbial expression, and not an introductory element, and therefore it is not required to isolate it.

If the expression is used first of the sentence, then the comma is not put. This word is considered to be false, because after it the hand reaches out and put a comma. It is never highlighted with commas, regardless of the location in the sentence. You just need to remember this and not make mistakes later on.

- The situation at the same time required a quick and correct solution, but we could not accept it in any way.

- In the premises for the settlement of raccoons, at the same time, small swimming pools should be placed

If with“At the same time” If a union is used, then, if necessary, a comma will be placed before the last one.

- She has already received 2 higher educations, but at the same time she wanted to get a third

- The dress was made beautifully and elegantly, but at the same time it is very simple

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