Sports holiday for children. Scenario of a sports festival in kindergarten

The relay for preschoolers should be fun and perky. Music, contests and rewarding of winners - all this should be in a sports festival.

The task during sporting events in kindergarten is to develop the physical qualities of the child and the formation of motor skills. In addition, the moral and volitional qualities, courage, endurance, independence and determination are formed in the baby.

The purpose of such holidays - This is the introduction of children to sports and the development of their desire for a healthy lifestyle. Children from a young age learn to spend an active and organized holiday.

Fun Starts - Finish!

Scenario sports holiday in kindergarten

Sports festival in kindergarten

First you need to design a room: hang up posters with slogans about a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of movement. The central wall should be bright and eye-catching.

Tip: In the corners of the hall, install stands with children's drawings on the theme "We are friends with physical education." Kids with their parents come up with the name of their teams and the motto.

The scenario of a sports festival in kindergarten begins with the sound of a march, and the teams go to applause:

  • Leader greets with participants and announces the start of the holiday:

Our fun marathon
We will start now.
If you want to be healthy
Come to our stadium!
Jump, run and play
Never Cheer Up!
You will be agile, strong, courageous,
Fast and skillful!

Competitions between two teams
  • Presenter encourages teams to meetand they take turns saying their name and reading the motto
  • Before the start warm-up training, the body warms up, the muscles are flexed - everything, like real athletes
  • Sounds music and the kids begin to perform rhythmic exercises
  • After the workout the facilitator says:

Hockey - the game is great!
We have a decent platform,
And now, who is the bravest?
Come out to play faster!

Warm up before the competition
  • Relays and contests begin. After several competitions, children need to relax.
  • Everyone sat down and begin to guess riddles about sports:

What is the name of a dancer on ice? (Figure skater)
The beginning of the path to the finish. (Start)
Flying ball in badminton. (Shuttlecock)
How often are the Olympic Games held? (Once every 4 years)
What is the name of the ball outside the game? (Out)

  • After the rest, relay races continue. The result of sports competitions will be rewarding the winners

Leader's words:

Thank you all for your attention,
For interesting victories and resounding laughter.
For fun competitions
And the long-awaited success!

As a prize to the winner, parents can bake a big cake.

Important: Children with pleasure after a fun physical education will eat such a treat, washed down with compote or tea.

Children's sports competitions for preschoolers

Funny kids

Not a single sports festival is complete without fun contests. They help to develop in children quick wit, quick thinking and quick reaction.

Children's sports competitions for preschoolers:


  • Everyone's favorite snowball game. Instead of snow, each team has sheets of paper of its own color
  • Participants crumple sheets and throw them at rivals
  • After that, the participants begin to bag their team's snowballs. Whoever collects faster, he won


  • From each team the kids are called one person
  • Before participants put two empty and one full capacity
  • Any large objects, for example, pasta of different colors, are fully mixed
  • The task of the participants is to arrange pasta in boxes of the same color.
  • Whoever completed the task faster won


  • Two teams become in two rows. At the end of the hall there are two chairs opposite each of the teams
  • The task of each player is to reach the finish line in the form of an animal
  • The host says “Frog,” and the players begin to jump like a frog, reaching the chair and back
  • In the middle of the contest, the facilitator says “The bear, and the following participants run to the chair and back, like a clubfoot
  • The victory will be for the team that copes well with the task and its last participant is the first to come to the finish line.

Fun Starts: Sports Relay for Children

Children's sports game

Kids are looking forward to a sports festival. They are happy to help decorate the room and hang out their drawings. Both adults and children enjoy fun starts.

Sports relays for children:


  • Two teams line up, and they are given hockey sticks
  • With their help, you need to bring the cube to the finish line and back


  • Jump in a bag or on a stick to the finish line and back
  • A stick or bag is passed on to the next participant - until victory

“Without hands”

  • Two people from the team to bring the ball to the finish without touching the hands. You can hold the ball with bellies, heads


  • Captain inside the hoop - he is driving
  • Runs up, takes one participant, and they are sent to the finish line
  • So you need to "transport" each participant

Competition of sports games for kindergarten children

Sports competition between teams

Children love fun games and contests, so the fun should be accompanied by music.

Important: To easily attract kids to the game, you must show by your own example how the relay race should be performed.

Tip: Only hold contests that you are confident in.

Children can be offered such sports games contests for kindergarten children:


Toddlers are divided into two teams. Each team has one toy truck with a doll or soft toy. Participants must drive the truck by the rope along the designated path to the finish line. Which team will cope with this task faster, that will be the winner.


Two teams of participants are given a roll of toilet paper. One "mummy" is selected, which must be wrapped with paper. Which team will cope with the task faster, that one wins.


Children are given felt-tip pens. Two whatman hang on the wall. Two children come out and begin to draw one of the friends of their kindergarten group. The felt-tip pen is held not by hands, but by mouth. Which of the children is the first to know whose portrait is painted, he won. Next comes the one who answered correctly.

Important: You can attract adults to children's contests - dads, moms, grandparents.


Dad helps in this contest. An adult is a horse. The child sits on his father’s back. It is necessary to "jump" to the finish line. Whoever gets faster, he won.

Fun contests for kids

Sports between children

Kids love perky games. They will be happy to throw the ball or run from start to finish. Therefore, in kindergarten, they can offer such fun competitions for children:


Place two chairs. Put on them a sundress and a scarf. Which of the participants put on a suit faster won.


Sleeves of two jackets turn out. Jackets are hung on the backs of chairs, which are installed backs to each other. Lay a rope two meters long under the chairs. At the signal of the presenter, the participants run up to the chairs and begin to put on jackets, twisting the sleeves. After that, they run around the chairs, sit on them and pull the rope.

"Who is faster?"

Children stand in a row with skipping ropes in their hands. At 20 meters from them, a line is drawn and a rope with flags is laid. At the signal, the kids begin to jump to the line. The winner will be the child who jumps to the brink first.

Winner rewarding

Important: Thanks to such holidays and competitions, adults direct the energy of children in the right direction.

These events teach kids to be courageous in a playful way, help friends and be persistent. Fun contests turn even an ordinary summer walk in kindergarten into a fascinating and interesting event.

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