How to make a cardboard box with your own hands: diagram, template, master class, photo. How to make a cardboard box with a lid, round, heart, rectangular, triangular, square, flat do it yourself?

The article will tell you about how you can do it yourself and use a cardboard box. Here you will find templates and master classes on making boxes of various shapes.

How to make a cardboard box with a lid: master class

A box is the easiest way to pack or hide. A box can serve as an excellent means of storing things: jewelry, cards, little things and cosmetics. Of course, modern stores will provide you with a lot of options for boxes: large, small, curly, square, with lids, decorated and simple cardboard.

It is much nicer to create something with your own hands and decorate it the way you would like it to and how the product itself will correspond to the style of the holiday, room, occasion. You can make crafts from absolutely any cardboard. The material can be purchased in the store for creativity (that you will find a large selection of colors and textures of cardboard), or you can use the one that often packs household appliances (refrigerators, for example, or washing machines).

For work you will need:

  • Cardboard (as much as required for the product of the preferred size).
  • Hot glue (you can, of course, use any other, but hot is preferable to the extent of its quick drying and strong bonding of the material).
  • Template (with it you can understand exactly how you should cut, bend and glue the material).
  • Scissors and pencil - for basting, cutting. This is necessary so that your product looks neat and aesthetically pleasing.

IMPORTANT: There are two main types of cardboard box with a lid. One assumes the presence of a lid, which covers the box on top, the other - a lid that leans back, but is part of the box.

Hinged Box Template Cover box template

How to make a box with a lid in stages:

  • Prepare all the accessories, print the template for the box on the printer, or draw it in the exact ratio on the cardboard.
  • Cut two items out of cardboard
  • Start bending the dotted lines and gluing them neatly.
  • Press the edges firmly to hold the material together.
  • Let the product dry a little
  • After drying, you can decorate the box to your liking.

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How to make a round box of cardboard: diagram, template

A round cardboard box is a very beautiful and practical product that will always find its application. Decorating it to your taste, you can store jewelry and jewelry inside, sets for sewing and embroidery, cosmetics, clippings and much more.

Making a round cardboard box is a bit more complicated than, for example, a square one. However, it is quite possible to "figure out" with your own hands, without spending a lot of money on materials. Use thick cardboard and precisely follow the template presented, you can only change the size, but not the shape of the parts.

How to make a round cardboard box, templates:

Round cardboard box template number 1 What parts does a round cardboard box consist of: template No. 2 In what order should the details of the round box be glued together: template No. 3 Round cardboard box with handle: finished product

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How to make a heart box of cardboard?

A heart-shaped box is much more difficult to manufacture than a round or square box. However, if you use tips and patterns, you can easily create this beautiful product.

A box in the shape of a heart is not only a storage box, an ideal packaging for presenting a gift to a loved one. Such a box can be filled with many surprises: sweets, souvenirs, baubles, gifts, key rings, flower petals, even butterflies can fit in it.

IMPORTANT: In many ways, the heart box looks like a round box, but here it all depends on the bottom: if it is proportional, then the whole product can look neat and even. The box has two bottoms: internal and external, the walls of the box are mounted on the principle of a round box.

Different patterns for making a heart-shaped cardboard box:

A box template in the form of a heart from one part: template No. 1 One-piece heart box template: pattern number 2

Step by step in the photo:

Prepare the same hearts: two bottoms and a lid Glue the bottom side of the box Lock and let it dry completely, make a lid

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How to make boxes of paper and cardboard?

Giving gifts in bags, cellophane packaging and paper wrappers is no longer beautiful and is considered a sign of "bad taste." Your gift will look much more effective in paper or cardboard packaging, which you glue and decorate yourself.

IMPORTANT: The size and shape of your box depends on what you will give. Heavier gifts require thick cardboard, and for small and light ones you can even glue a box of paper.

Boxes made of cardboard and paper, different templates:

Simple rectangular box: template Box with hinged lid: template Triangular box: pattern Simple square box: template Pouch box: template

How to make a box of color cardboard?

In a modern store for creativity, you will find a huge selection of cardboard:

  • Kraft cardboard (plain material sand color)
  • Color cardboard
  • Velvet cardboard
  • Holographic cardboard
  • Glitter Cardboard
  • Cardboard with prints, drawings and inscriptions.
  • Textured cardboard and much more

IMPORTANT: All this variety of choices allows you to create cardboard boxes of incredible beauty and use them for any purpose.

Cardboard for creativity

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How to make a cardboard box without a lid?

If you need to make a cardboard box without a lid, you should also use the template. This product is perfect for storing personal items: pencils, cosmetic brushes, hair accessories and much more.

Box template without cover

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How to make a box of cardboard for sweets?

You don’t have to buy candy boxes at the store; you never know exactly what will be inside. It is always more pleasant to make a box with your own hands, fill it with sweets to your liking and give it to a loved one. It will be not only a “delicious” gift, but also a very original one, as well as a special one.

Box with handles: template Butterfly box: pattern Triangle box: template

How to make a cardboard jewelry box?

It is very comfortable to store jewelry, jewelry and watches in a cardboard box. You can buy it or make it yourself, decorating to your liking. If desired, inside the box you can make either one or several departments.

In the shape of a hexagon In package form Simple rectangular

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How to make a flat cardboard box?

A few tips and patterns for making a flat cardboard box will help you make your own packaging of any size.

Flat box template

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How to make a square cardboard box?

A small square box can be used as a bombing tower or as a packaging for small surprises for your loved ones.

Simple square box template

How to make a triangular box of cardboard?

A triangular box can exist as a separate unusual packaging, and can be part of the packaging in the form of a cake.

Triangular box template

Do we decorate cardboard boxes with our own hands?

Decorating a homemade box depends on how original and great your imagination is. To decorate the box also follows, focusing on the occasion (holiday, for example, or indoor environment).

How and what can decorate any cardboard box:

  • Lace and fabric
  • Satin ribbons
  • Scourge and burlap
  • Stickers and Stickers
  • Buttons and other fittings
  • Sequins and pebbles
  • Colored paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Drawings and inscriptions

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