What is the name of the bird that cleans the teeth of a crocodile? Who brushes a crocodile’s teeth in nature?

Crocodile helper birds in the cartoon and nature: names, videos.

For young children who do not like to brush their teeth, it will be useful to watch a cartoon about a crocodile mess and a bold bird. We will tell you what her name is and whether its analogue exists in nature in this article.

Which bird cleans a crocodile’s teeth in the cartoon: name

  • The Soviet cartoon directed by Gennady Sokolsky was named after the tiny fearless bird Tari.
  • She is one of the whole vast Africa was not afraid to get into the mouth of a harmful and evil crocodile. He had big teeth that he never brushed. This led to their pain. All animals laughed at the reptile and did not want to help him. Only the tiny Tari took up the painstaking and unsafe work. She freed the mouth of the "scarecrow" from the trash and pulled out a restless tooth.

Tari bird cleans teeth crocodile: video

Who brushes a crocodile’s teeth in nature?

Video: Birds Cleaning Crocodile's Mouth

Bird helping the crocodile in nature: name, photo (Wikipedia)

The analogue of the bird Tari in nature
  • The subfamily of runners of the Charadriiformes order family contains a bird called a crocodile watchman or an Egyptian runner (in Latin Pluvianus aegyptius).
  • According to a very ancient legend - this bird cleans the mouth of a crocodile from food residues and notifies them of a life threat. The legend is not documented. In fact, reptiles do not need brushing. With open jaws lying on the shore, they catch flies.

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