How to dress magnificent women? Photo of full women models

Unfortunately, many full girls do not always monitor their clothing style. In this article, you will learn how to dress dumplings and look great.

It does not happen that all the ladies were the same size - with parameters 90-60-90. Women are different, each of them has different volumes. But further we will not talk about the various features of the figure, but about how to taste full women with taste.

The modern fashion industry has a great focus on tailoring outfits for thin women. Donuts to choose a stylish, beautiful outfit is much more problematic. And yet you do not have to give up, you can create a beautiful, aesthetic image for any woman from simple, ordinary things.

Business style for overweight women

For business style, you can choose different outfits - dresses, suits, shirts, skirts, trousers.

When choosing dresses be guided by the following principles:

  • do not buy clothes in a casing that will emphasize not only the advantages of the figure, but will highlight all its shortcomings
  • the dress should not be too short, the optimal length is just below the column
  • extra centimeters in volumes are well hidden by a sheath dress, such clothes must be in the wardrobe of a magnificent business lady
  • in addition to dresses, you can use fitted sundresses with classic blouses

How to choose Blazerread below:

  • it is not advisable to buy a thing of such a plan of direct cut, as a woman will look shapeless and the product will give her a few extra pounds
  • a fitted jacket of the right size perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure
  • do not take short jackets fastened with one or two buttons
  • well, if you pick up an elongated product with a slightly fitted cut

IMPORTANT: There should be three classic jackets in the wardrobe of full ladies and girls.

To pick up skirt, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • the product should be medium length, do not buy a short or too long thing
  • well, if the skirt does not tighten you
  • beautiful on full cuties look pencil skirt, straight cut, a-line, year
  • the fabric from which this item is sewn may be dense or with a stretch effect

To fit the pants well, choose the following models:

  • for tall full ladies, models of a direct silhouette or trousers slightly narrowed below are perfect
  • It is better for women of small stature not to wear too wide trousers, straight lines with ironed arrows will suit them just right

Boho style for overweight women

More recently, the style of boho came into fashion, in other words - a mixture of incompatible. Fans of this trend tend to wear elements of clothing of any style, from expensive designer outfits to elements of accessories from a grandmother's chest.

From the side, boho looks like multi-tiered clothes with ethnic motifs and with various numerous ties, bright applications. The material of things can only be made from natural raw materials. In one dress they use lace, and fur, and burlap, etc. However, the overall look is attractive due to the bright, intricate colors, decorations.

For full ladies, the boho style offers different interpretations. However, choosing a dress or suit, you need to consider the subtleties:

  • do not buy too loose, long outfits - this will add volume to your figure
  • dresses just above the knee with lace on the bottom fit well
  • too many large flowers on the product gives volume to an already plump woman
  • look beautiful on bbw dresses made of thin fabrics that combine color blocks
  • sloppy jeans with tunics decorated with beaded appliques will fit perfectly

Evening dresses for obese women

If you are going to a party, celebration, then you must definitely look elegant. And, moreover, it does not matter whether you are a complete woman or not. Therefore, it is important to choose a beautiful evening dress so that you become the queen of this banquet. Pay attention to the tips below when choosing an evening outfit:

  • as for color, it is better to choose the tone of clothes cold, dark and plain, to seem slimmer, because such shades visually reduce the volume
  • if you have incomplete, slender legs, then boldly wear a long dress with a deep slit
  • so that the round tummy does not attract attention, buy a dress with drapery in this part of the body or in the Greek style
  • in no case do not wear dresses with sequins, sequins, lurex - these shiny outfits will give you extra volume

Styles for overweight women

All well-known fashion designers are sure to offer a line for full ladies. Now it’s not uncommon when girls of appetizing sizes participate in fashion shows of branded clothing. Moreover, clothing sits perfectly on the muffins. Indeed, designers have secrets that they use when sewing things on full beauties. These include:

  • the style of tunics, dresses with a low waist and with a fit will suit any chubby girl, because he will hide both sides and tummy
  • various blouses, blouses, etc. with a high waist and an open neckline, they sit well on curvy ladies with a beautiful bust
  • To mask various irregularities of the figure, thin flowing materials are used.
  • sheath dress is an indispensable thing for obese women
  • pleated dresses made of flowing fabric perfectly hide the fullness
  • if a woman has full hands, it is better to choose a long-sleeve outfit or to complement a dress with a bolero or jacket

IMPORTANT: Do not wear things that restrict movement, crash into certain parts of the body, too tightly fit your hips.

Fashionable clothes for overweight women

Now in fashion, like long dresses, so mini and midi. Therefore, there will be no problems with the choice of clothes. The colors are mainly dominated by bright, rich. Popular floral prints, cage, solid shades, ranging from dark blue to bright yellow. Shoes are better to choose comfortable, in addition, the fashion of this season is especially striving for comfort.

What suits little overweight women?

It is very difficult to pick up beautiful clothes for a little crumpet at a time. But there are no insoluble problems, this can be solved. To do this, follow these tips.

  • do not choose hoodies that will add extra pounds to you
  • do not take tight clothes
  • buy fitted dresses with a flared hem
  • the length of the product should ideally be just below the knee
  • if you are not sure what color the dress is for you to buy, then feel free to take a dark or cold tone - such a product visually slenders, removes five to six kilograms
  • plain tones of clothes or pinstriped outfits with small prints located vertically are ideal for you
  • shoes are best worn with heels, because one centimeter heel visually removes one kilogram of weight

Fashion for overweight women over 50

By the age of fifty, most women gain weight due to age-related, hormonal changes. It doesn’t matter - correctly selected clothes will help ladies not only lose a few pounds of excess body weight, but also lose five to six years of age. To do this, discard:

  • mini dresses skirts
  • blouses, tunic with frivolous drawings (bunnies, dogs, cats)
  • clothes of too bright shades (pink, poisonous violet tones, etc.)
  • Do not buy dresses, blouses with large, gummy prints (flowers, butterflies)
  • do not choose hoodies and things to be wrapped, discard outfits made of fabric with lurex

The following wardrobe items are perfect for you:

  • skirts year, a pencil with a mid-calf length
  • long tunics of an adjacent cut or from light fabric of free tailoring
  • jackets of elongated fit, adjacent and semi-adjacent cut
  • sheath dresses, dresses sewn of combined fabrics, with high waist, long and to the middle of the calf
  • straight dark pants with arrows, slightly flared down pants, straight jeans

Photo of full women models

Next, see photos of beautiful, stylish models with curvaceous shapes.

This girl (Tara Lynn) is the star of popular, glossy magazines: Plus size, LFwomen.

One of the most beautiful XL models is Lizzie Miller.

See the photo of another sexy bbw model - Flavia Lacerda.

Beautiful and gorgeous curvy women

Below you will see a video selection of beautiful, stylish, full women. Pay attention to how competently and finely matched their outfits and accessories are.

Video: Beautiful overweight women

How to order a dress for full on Aliexpress?

When shopping for large-sized clothes on Aliexpress, keep in mind that their products are small. In addition, if a woman is tall, then finding a suitable dress will be quite problematic, but possible. Before placing an order, it is advisable to talk with the seller and ask the length of the product, the length of the sleeve, if these data are not indicated in the size tables below the product itself.

So, now let's take a closer look at how to place an order for Aliexpress:

  • follow the link - clothes for ladies XL
  • register
  • find the model you like
  • look at the dimensional grid
  • if you have questions, then talk with the seller in English, for this you can use google translator
  • press the Buy button
  • pay by card or electronic money systems
  • all order is placed

IMPORTANT: When registering on Aliexpress, all data must be indicated: name, address in English, again, if you do not know this language, use online translators.

Video: fashion clothes for overweight ladies

After reading all the information and making an effort, you can now choose the right outfit yourself, both for the office style and for the party.

Watch the video: Fashion for full women 2018 or how to look stylish luxury women (April 2020).