Can I use bold in VK? How to write in bold in VK: ways

Many have seen that in Vkontakte articles or just in posts the text is highlighted in bold. But how to make it? Our article will tell.

Often when compiling a text Vkontakte you want to stand out from the crowd or emphasize a particularly important text. The best solution in this case is to select text using bold and you can make it in various ways, which we will talk about later.

How to make VKontakte bold: instructions, methods

Bold font

Vkontakte introduced the function of selecting text relatively recently. Previously, this function was used only due to the vulnerability of the social network, but today it has already been fixed and now, no matter how you try, you cannot send such text to a post on a wall or to personal correspondence.

Despite this prohibition, everyone has the opportunity to use a special alphabet, where the letters have a specific shape and they look like bold. You can find such a sign yourself, because it is very popular.

Moreover, the ability to select texts is available only to those who own Vkontakte public. You can do this in a special editor that is used to create Wiki pages. So, let's take a look at how you can highlight text in bold on VK.

Method 1: Bold on wiki pages

If you want to create different notes, each with its own text and design, then this method is suitable for you. The VKontakte editor gives users many opportunities and without restrictions.

Before starting work, first study the markup description and remember all the rules. It has certain features.

Please note that often Wiki pages are used to create menus in groups, because this block is located in the header of the group, and not in the feed.

  • So, to make the text, open the group and go to the control section under the avatar
Community management
  • Open tab "Sections" and turn on "Materials"
We include materials
  • Now go back to the main page and open the window for editing the Wiki
Making the wiki page
  • The key «» switch the editor to markup
Turn on the markup
  • In the large blank field, write the text you want to highlight
We write the necessary text
  • Select the text using triple apostrophes, as in the example. You can practice at different places in the text to understand how it works.
Bold font
  • Necessary characters can be set using code ASCII "& # 39;" or by clicking on Alt and introducing «39» on keyboard
  • It is worth noting that the text is highlighted and using the built-in editor tools - this is done by the icon "B". Only this method for some reason does not always work correctly and the text does not stand out.
  • Now save the work done with the corresponding button
  • To make sure everything is done correctly, click on the tab View and look at the text.
  • If after all you still do not have the text highlighted, then make sure that all of the above is done correctly. It is also important to study the instructions of the social network in the editor.
View text

Method 2. Conversion Service

This method allows you to write almost any text in bold. However, it has two drawbacks:

  • Conversion is possible only for English text.
  • Some devices do not display text correctly

Despite this, a way. still a worker and is popular, so we will consider it.

  • Open the site by the link with conversion form
  • In the very first field we write the characters we need
  • Choose SHOW
Enter the text
  • In the results, we look for the desired combination and copy it with the buttons Ctrl + C
Copy text
  • Then we go to the Vkontakte page and insert the characters using the combination Ctrl + V

To date, these two methods are actively used by users of Vkontakte and others do not yet exist.

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