Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid: instructions, tips, tricks. Methods and instructions for cleaning the washing machine with citric acid, soda ash and bleach

Instructions for cleaning the washing machine with citric acid.

In order for household appliances to serve and work very well for a long time without breakdowns, it is necessary to periodically carry out maintenance and flushing. Many of us think that Calgon or special powders with additives during washing can make the machine completely clean. But this is not so. In this article, we will tell you how to clean your washing machine with citric acid.

Citric acid for a washing machine

Please note that substances such as Calgon are only preventive and prevent the formation of scale on the heater of the washing machine. But they do not dissolve scale. They just soften the hardness of the water. They contain no acids, they consist of sodium salts, as well as soda, which in no way dissolve scale in the washing machine. Therefore, they are absolutely useless for descaling and preventative cleaning of the machine.

In household chemical stores, you can find special tools that are used to clean the machine from scale. They are not used during washing, because they are aggressive. Pouring them into the machine during the washing process will ruin things. They can shed or even tear. Therefore, with such means, washing is carried out with an empty drum.

An affordable and cheapest option is to clean the washing machine with citric acid. It can be used in several ways. It is used independently, as a separate tool or together with other components.

Citric acid for a washing machine

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid from scale and fungus


  • To do this, pour about 100 grams of citric acid into the detergent drawer.
  • This is about 3-4 sachets, and turn on the mode cotton at 90 or 95 degrees, depending on what mode you have on the machine.
  • After completing this mode, you need to start normal washing.
  • Such manipulation is carried out every 3 months. You will be sure that the ten will not break due to the large amount of scale, and will serve for a long time.
Citric acid for a washing machine

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid and bleach

This option is used if it is necessary to remove limescale from the spiral of the washing machine, as well as remove scale from the seal, drum.


  • It is necessary to pour 100 grams of citric acid into the washing compartment, and pour a glass of whiteness into the drum itself, which is sold in any store and costs a penny.
  • The Cotton mode is again set to the highest temperature.
  • Remember that caustic vapors and harmful substances may be released during washing.
  • Therefore, keep the doors in the bathroom open, and also ventilate the room.
  • After such washing, it is best to start the machine again without using any means so that bleach is well washed off from all parts of the appliance. This is necessary so that in the end the things that you will wash do not shed or deteriorate.
Cleaning with bleach and citric acid

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid and soda ash?

This method is suitable if a large amount of limescale has accumulated on the machine. Cleaning is quick and easy.


  • Pour 100 grams of citric acid into the powder compartment, and add 100 grams of soda ash to the drum.
  • Turn on the washing machine to the highest temperature in Cotton.
  • After washing, even the oldest calcareous deposit will depart from all parts of the apparatus.
  • The method copes well with your favorite types of pollution, and is also suitable if you often wash your work clothes in the car.
  • Citric acid along with soda ash dissolve fuel oil well and perfectly clean the washing machine.
  • This method is also carried out no more than once every three months, because over time the rubber seals can dry out and deteriorate.
Lemon acid

Citric acid, despite its low cost, copes with cleaning the washing machine. Therefore, do not be lazy, and once every three months use this method of cleaning. Such manipulation will extend the life of your household appliance.

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