How to treat allergies to animal hair? How is an allergy to animal hair in a child?

Find out which animals can cause allergies in children. What signs indicate that the baby is allergic to wool and how to treat this ailment.

Many children dream of a four-legged friend. They ask their parents to give a cat or dog a birthday present. But you need to know that cute, beautiful animals, unfortunately, do not bring joy to everyone.

There are kids who simply can’t be near the four-legged miracle in the same room because of an allergy. Moreover, it can be an allergy not only to small fur of a furry friend, but also to secretory proteins of the skin, urine and even saliva.

Signs and symptoms of an allergy to animal hair in a child

Symptoms of allergenic reactions in babies appear much faster than in adults. Only fifteen minutes of talking with a furry friend and all the signs on the face are enough for the guys.

Common Symptoms:

  • a red rash appears on the skin, in addition, there is a strong unpleasant itching in the area of ​​all rashes
  • there is a severe runny nose, the baby begins to sneeze, cough, there is no temperature
  • mucous membrane irritated, eyes watery
  • fingers, hands, feet are poured
  • breathing becomes heavy

Local symptoms

  • unnatural circles under the eyes
  • folds are visible in the lower eyelids
  • the chest takes an unnatural round shape
  • manifestation of an unusual type of transverse strip right near the tip of the nose

How is an allergy to wool in an infant

Newborn babies are even more sensitive to this kind of manifestation than children after a year. In the presence of an allergenic reaction to animals, babies experience widespread eruptions on the body, mucosal disorders, as in respiratory diseases.

IMPORTANT: If unwanted symptoms appear, remove the source of irritation (cat, dog). Give the animal to relatives, friends.

Allergy to cat hair: how it manifests itself

  • Allergenic reactions to cats are almost twice as common in life as dogs. Many people mistakenly think that all sorts of irritations in a person arise due to the coat of these cute creatures.
  • This opinion is erroneous, because cell proteins on the body of a pet, and on the mucosa, etc. can be the fault. Symptoms are manifested in different ways. Depends on the child’s immune system
  • Some babies need to pet the cat, play with it and only after half an hour, an hour, irritation will appear. Kids with weak immunity feel a fluffy irritant faster, they have an allergy instantly. These children do not have to contact the cat. It is enough to go into the room where there is a four-legged

Unpleasant sensations will immediately appear:

  • stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose
  • tears will flow from the eyes
  • may throat
  • the skin turns red, rashes in the form of acne

IMPORTANT: If you find that your baby is allergic to cats, then try to avoid any contact of the child with these animals. And without fail, go to the pediatrician. After all, the baby will need medical treatment for this ailment.

Dog Allergy - Symptoms

However, the symptoms of an allergenic reaction in dogs are little different from symptoms of irritation in cats. The sensations are completely unpleasant, manifested by swelling, panting, runny nose, shortness of breath, vomiting, dry, persistent cough, changes in the skin.

To determine that this irritation is in dogs can only laboratory tests. In the subsequent patient is required not to contact with four-legged friends. If you visit friends who have a dog, then take allergy medications right away.

Breeds of cats and dogs with hypoallergenic hair

If you have allergic manifestations only on the hair of the animal, and not on the secretory proteins of tetrapods, that is, dogs and cats that will not cause you any adverse reactions.

Cat breed "Devon Rex"

Faithful representatives of this breed almost do not fade, they often love one owner. Cats have a dense, short, dense coat. She looks like suede in her appearance. These four-legged allergies cause in rare cases.

Cat Breed - Sphinxes

In fact, everyone has ever seen or heard of these wonderful animals. An unusual type of cat of the Sphinx breed has absolutely no hair, sometimes short hairs grow on the nose of a beautiful woman. She really loves attention, affection.

Dog Breed - Xoloitzcuintle

This breed of tetrapods was bred in Mexico. Small dogs without hair are considered hypoallergenic.

Dog Breeds - Poodle

very friendly, loyal creatures with original curly hair. They practically do not fade, their hair does not soar in the air.

Bedlington Terrier

Beautiful, calm, kind very smart, friendly, fast dogs, love their owners. The coat is hypoallergenic, but requires care - trimming.

Breed - Bichon Frize

Adorable little sized doggy. It does not fade at all. Usually they are white. Thick hair is somewhat similar to human hair.

Dog Breed - Chinese Crested

These dogs are hairless, so molting is not a problem for them. Just keep in mind that careful care is necessary for her. The dog has very delicate skin, prone to drying out due to external weather factors.

Dog Breed - Maltese

For ladies who are very fond of small dogs with long, beautiful hair. By the way, the dog’s vegetation needs some care. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Wool is not susceptible to molting if you comply with the requirements for caring for it.

Camel hair allergy

Many, having looked at this point, will say: "And here camels, we only see them in zoos." Do not forget that almost everyone has camel wool products in the house - blankets, for example. Fibers of small wools, getting on the skin, can cause allergic irritations.

Their manifestations are almost the same as on the coat of other animals:

  • respiratory organs are affected
  • malfunctioning of the mucous membranes
  • spots and rashes appear on the skin

IMPORTANT: When removing a source (allergen), be careful, because in your house there may be not only blankets made of camel wool, but also other items, items (slippers, knitting threads, sweaters, even socks).

Allergy to sheep’s hair in a child

This is a rare type of allergy. It does not occur at all often. The reason may be poor-quality processing of sheep wool. It arises from direct contact of the baby with an irritating object. Manifestations are not long in coming:

  • skin areas that were in contact with sheep's hair are affected
  • suddenly a sharp, dry cough begins
  • runny nose, sneezing
  • sore throat
  • lachrymation appears
  • swelling occurs

No need to hesitate; antihistamines should be given; eliminate the allergen.

Allergy to guinea pig hair

Before you get this animal in the house, test in a clinic - do you have an allergy to it, so that you don’t give a guinea pig to your friends or relatives. Indeed, in any case, in the event of a negative reaction, you have to get rid of your beloved pet. And for children it’s superfluous tears, frustrations, experiences. And, also, completely unpleasant sensations:

  • itchy skin, dryness
  • panting, sharp, dry cough
  • severe rhinitis

Allergy to rabbit hair

Allergenic irritations are extremely rare on the “coat” of this little fluff. Because it emits practically no odors, it irritates human receptors a little. But on the mucous membrane, urine, protein on the rabbit’s body, allergies are common. If one of your relatives, children felt sick, namely:

  • difficulty breathing
  • the nose became clogged, rhinitis began, sneezing
  • the condition of the skin has changed - a terrible itching, pimples appeared
  • flowed eyes began to turn sour

then don’t start rabbits better and start allergy treatment.

Signs of an allergy to goat hair

An allergy to goat hair is no different. Still, after five minutes - at worst, or after thirty - at best, all the allergy symptoms described in the previous paragraph will appear. The patient urgently needs help, treatment. And of course, immediately stop contacting the source of the allergenic reaction.

Animal Allergy Treatment

  • Mild attacks of this pathology are recommended to be treated with the usual nasal, antihistamine pharmaceutical drugs. If the attacks are strong, then you need to call an ambulance. Doctors administer drugs that are used only according to prescriptions, they already have a more effective effect than those that are bought without a doctor’s prescription.
  • To completely get rid of the disease, you need to undergo a course of immunotherapy. Its essence is that the patient is injected with a minimum dose of irritant under the skin. The body begins to struggle with it, this continues for several months until allergic reactions disappear.

Animal Hair Allergy Pills

With the manifestation of various kinds of irritations, complex treatment should be started. As mentioned above, you have to get rid of the allergen, in addition, start drinking antihistamines and, if necessary, use creams, ointments for skin rashes.

Note that an allergist must prescribe them. Most often used for treatment cetirizine, suprastin, clarithincetrinfexadineetc.

Allergy to animal hair - photo

After reading the information, you will now know what to do if your loved one needs help in the event of a sudden allergic reaction to animals. To better understand the symptoms, see the photos below.

Skin rash

Rashes in children

Allergic rhinitis

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