How to make an original lamp, a sconce with your own hands for a summer residence, a house, a bath from improvised materials: drawings, diagrams with a description. The best do-it-yourself desk lamps in rustic, Japanese, Chinese, oriental, Scandinavian style, loft, antique, New Year's: ideas, photos

In the article you will find many options for designing table lamps with your own hands from improvised materials.

How to make a lamp with your own hands in oriental, japanese, chinese style?

Lamps play an important role in the design of the premises. Well-chosen in style and color, the lamp can turn a normal room interior into a stylish and modern one. There are many options for fixtures: wall, pendant, floor, table.

Let's talk about table lamps. They can be used in various rooms: in offices, in bedrooms, living rooms. You can make a table lamp yourself. With some effort, you can invent an original designer lamp. Thus, you emphasize the uniqueness of your interior.

First you need to determine the style of your lamp. The oriental style is popular. Consider what features a lamp should have in japanese style:

  • Simplicity
  • Strict Geometry
  • Convenience
  • Lack of acid colors

Japanese fixtures are usually rectangular in shape. Sometimes you can find rounded lamps. In the Japanese style, table lamps are rarely used, soft light should come from them. The color scheme is not rich: black, white, brown.

The decor of the lamp may include such elements:

  1. Japanese or Chinese characters
  2. Applications
  3. Painting in Chinese or Japanese style.

Important: The lamp in oriental style fits perfectly into the interior of the room, which is also decorated in this style. Choosing the style of your future lamp, be sure to consider the general style of your room.

To make a lamp in an oriental style, you will need such tools and devices:

  • Base with a cartridge from an old lamp
  • Wooden slats
  • Rice paper, tracing paper or plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Saw
  • Square
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Paints

Step-by-step manufacturing:

  1. The first step is to make blanks from wooden slats. Using a saw and square, prepare 4 long rails and 8 short rails. Choose the size yourself, based on the size of the room, the size of the table or bedside table on which the lamp will stand.
  2. Sand all slats with sandpaper so that there are no roughness and nicks.
  3. Next, you need to glue all the parts together and allow them to dry. Nails in the assembly of this design should not be used. You can fasten the slats with a rope.
  4. Paint the lamp housing black, white or brown. Let the paint dry. You can open the structure with varnish.
  5. After that, cut 4 layers of the required size from rice paper or tracing paper. For this, you can also use plywood, which will be more durable and practical.
  6. Apply paint. You can cut the ornament on paper by first printing the finished drawing on the printer.
  7. If you took plywood, then print the drawing on paper first, and then transfer it with pencil to plywood. Cut the picture on plywood.
  8. Glue paper or plywood sheets between the frames of the frame with glue.
  9. Place the frame on the base of the old lamp with a socket.

Important: For such a lamp, choose a LED bulb or "housekeeper".

Lamp frame assembly diagram Japanese-style lamp

How to make a lamp with your own hands in a rustic style, antique, in the Scandinavian style?

Rustic style is popular in modern interior design. This style involves filling the home with elements that emphasize the rude natural beauty. At the same time, the decor and material of constructions are made of natural materials. People try to get rid of all kinds of artificial elements and surround themselves with natural things. Such an interior looks rich.

Rustic style such characteristics are inherent:

  • The naturalness of natural forms;
  • Natural, simple materials, fabrics;
  • Matte, roughness of products;
  • Simple patterns;
  • Massiveness.

Important: Rustic lamps should have warm lighting. It resembles fire and recreates the spirit of antiquity.

To make a lamp with your own hands in a rustic style, a tree is suitable. Wood should not be painted with acidic, vibrant colors. Also, you do not need to open it with varnish. Rustic style requires maximum approximation to the natural look. You can also use stones in the decor. It should be rough stones.

You can make a lamp in a rustic style from a small old stump. To do this, make a hole in the stump for a lamp and cord.

Rustic lamp Lamp from an old stump

Another option is to decorate the lampshade with branches of various sizes. The base of the lamp will be a tree stump. The lampshade can be made of wire, and then decorative elements can be attached using a coarse thread of a suitable color.

Rustic table lamp

Lamp in scandinavian style should also be made of natural materials. But unlike the rustic style, delicate lines can be present here, always a light color. A Scandinavian-style table lamp should have features such as simplicity and elegance.

Scandinavian style lamp

For the manufacture of a concise lamp from copper pipes, you will need such materials:

  • Pipe cutter
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Roulette
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers: flat and cross
  • Copper pipes and corners
  • Super glue
  • Bulb base: lampholder, plug, switch, electrical cord

Step-by-step manufacturing:

  1. Use a felt-tip pen to mark where you want to cut the copper pipe. Measure with maximum accuracy.
  2. Cut the pipes with a pipe cutter.
  3. Lay the cable, glue the pipes with the corners.
  4. The next step is to assemble the electrical circuit. It is necessary to connect the cartridge, plug, switch. If you do not know how to do this, it is better to contact a familiar electrician who will easily help you in the assembly of the structure.
DIY lamp Necessary materials Connection parts

A table lamp from a bottle also fits into the Scandinavian style. You have to make a hole in the bottle for laying the cable, as well as make a beautiful lampshade. The basis of the lampshade will be a wire frame, and linen will be suitable for decoration.

DIY lamp: Scandinavian style

How to make a lamp yourself in the loft style of pipes, from a can: drawing, diagram, description

Lamps in the loft style are inherent in "male features." Looking at such lighting fixtures, it seems that the designers did not bother with their creation. So they are concise and uncomplicated. Simple design is a hallmark of the loft style.

Loft style originated in industrial premises and attics. It is characterized by interior design with rude objects, but at the same time functional, practical, simple. The lamp in loft style can be a real highlight of your interior.

Loft style table lamps can be made of iron, cans, metal structures, pipes. For example, a table lamp on a wooden stand with a lampshade from a can.

Loft table lamp

To make such a lamp you will need:

  • Electric wire with a cartridge, plug and switch.
  • Stand made of wood.
  • A can of suitable size.


  1. The base should be made from wood.
  2. Then prepare three slats of different sizes.
  3. Screw the parts together.
  4. Drill a hole for the electric cord in the can.

The next version of a table lamp in the loft style, which you can make yourself, is made of pipes, fittings and a glass jar.

Table lamp

What is needed for this:

  • Trumpet
  • Fitting
  • Carving can
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers

Preparation method:

  1. First you need to drill a hole in the fitting in order to let the cord through it later.
  2. In the can lid, drill 1 hole in the center and 4 smaller holes around the main one.
  3. Connect the pipes to the fittings, as shown in the diagram below.
  4. Pull the cord through the tube, then screw the tube into the lamp support.
  5. Install the cover, then proceed with assembling the lamp electrical system.
  6. Screw in the light bulb.
Assembly diagram of lamp elements

Below is an assembly of a bulb with a can lid.

Lamp assembly: diagram

Important: Light bulbs should be used to prevent the lampshade from glowing.

Loft lights look quite simple, but their creation requires maximum accuracy, skills in working with drills and other tools, knowledge in the field of electrical. This work is unlikely to be possible for most women, it requires the hand of an experienced man.

Video: Table lamp made of slats

Lamps from improvised materials for a summer residence, office, bedroom, living room, from LED strip, plexiglass, rope and glue, cups and saucers, polymer clay, timber, metal

Important: A simple way to make a table lamp with your own hands is to refresh and decorate the old lamp that you have.

To do this, you will need an old lamp, free time and the ability to needlework. It is not necessary to assemble an electric circuit here. You will need to restore the lampshade and stand. Thus, it will be possible to make a fashionable and stylish lamp from an unusable and ugly old lamp.

As a decor, you can use many improvised materials. Most often it is:

  • the cloth
  • Yarn
  • Polymer clay
  • Paper

Night lamp from polymer clay It’s easy to make.

First way:

  1. Take a bag of juice or milk - this will be the basis.
  2. Next, squeeze the polymer paste from the bag onto the base in a chaotic manner, your author’s pattern will be obtained.
  3. Leave the product for a while to dry. You can blow dry with a hairdryer from a long distance, if you dry close - the clay can crack.
  4. Then crumple the cardboard box and pull it out of the polymer base.
  5. So the original lampshade is ready.
  6. Now it needs to be placed on the base with a light bulb.
Clay lamp

The second way:

  1. Soften the clay, wrap the clay base with a layer of clay (for example, a jar or an old lampshade).
  2. Cut out patterns with a sharp object. To do this, you can attach a stencil or napkin with a finished pattern to the clay.
  3. Leave the lampshade to dry.
Making a lampshade from clay

Original look fixtures fromropes and glue. You can take thick yarn or thin threads, at your discretion. The manufacturing process is as follows:

  • Take the metal frame from the lampshade or make it out of wire.
  • Wrap the frame with paper.
  • Wrap threads around the frame, observing a specific pattern or in a chaotic manner.
  • Then grease the threads with glue, leave to dry.
  • When the glue dries, remove the paper.
Lampshade made of yarn and glue

Another option for making a lampshade is with a balloon:

  • First you need to inflate a balloon.
  • Then wrap threads, yarn or rope on it.
  • Lubricate with glue when it dries - pierce the ball with a needle and remove it.
Ball-shaped lamp

Looks cute table lamps whose stand is decorated cups and saucers. To do this, you need a lamp on a thin leg. In the dishes, make holes of the required diameter and place them on the stand. You can fasten the elements of the dishes with glue.

Table lamp decor

Lampshade of metal can become a real masterpiece. If you make it from many keys to cans.

DIY metal lamp

For the manufacture of lampshades with your own hands, such lumber as timber. Often, such lamps are made for a bath. They give diffused light.

DIY lamp

Nightlights from led strip and plexiglass can be made quickly with the necessary materials. On plexiglass, you can engrave any patterns. We offer you to watch a video in which you will learn how to make such simple and beautiful fixtures.

Video: Plexiglass and LED Strip Night Light

How to make a lamp from plywood, branches, driftwood, wood, clothespins, paper, wine and plastic bottles?

Suitable material for the decoration of fixtures is tree. To do this, you can use snags, branches of different sizes.

See how easy it is with ordinary snags to decorate the table lamp stand. From a conventional lamp, a stylish decor element is obtained. At the same time, the lamp does not lose its functions.

Lamp decor

Another version of the lamp from driftwood. In the snag, you should make holes with a drill and stretch the electric cord. A lampshade can be made from coarse fabric, such as linen.

Snag lamp

Wooden slats can serve as a stand for a table lamp. Simple but tasteful.

Laconic lamp made of wood

Original table lamps in the shape of a star can be made of plywood:

  • To do this, use a jigsaw to cut a star out of plywood.
  • To give volume to the lamp, as in the photo, you can cut a few stars, and then glue them.
  • From plywood, you need to make a base, drill holes for LEDs in it.
  • Glue the base to the frame in the form of a star.
  • Insert the LEDs.
LED plywood lamp

You can also make the same lamp, but with holes for ammunition.

Plywood star lamp

Even such cheap material at hand as linen clothespins, can be used in the manufacture of fixtures. As a basis, take a metal mesh with small cells. You will also need superglue. Clothespins are attached to a metal mesh with glue.

Clothespin lamp

Lampshade of paper can give a table lamp a delicate look. With the help of such a lampshade, a romantic atmosphere will reign in the room. To make a lampshade, you need 3 sheets of tracing paper of similar shades.

The manufacturing process of pleated paper lampshade:

  • First, measure with a centimeter tape the diameter of your lampshade, which you will decorate.
  • Tracing paper should be taken 2 times more, as it will be folded accordion.
  • First make the bottom cut, then the middle, then the top.
  • Carefully make an accordion on tracing paper; it is convenient to use Falzbane for this.
  • Connect the layers of tracing paper, overlapping each top layer with an overlap.
  • Glue the layers of tracing paper with a drop of glue around the edges.
  • You can make a lampshade with a ribbon, stretching it with a needle.
Tracing lampshade

Creative decor is a table lamp decor with a paper card. So simple and at the same time great, and most importantly - no effort or additional tools are required. Cut the card to the size of the existing lampshade, glue the edges with glue, done.

Map lamp

A delicate table lamp, which is ideal for a women's table, can be made of paper. To do this, paper strips should be folded in a circle, bend the edges slightly. Paper strips take the form of flowers.These colors should fill the entire lampshade. You can plant flowers on glue.

Paper shade decor with paper flowers

Plastic bottles long been used in various fields in addition to its main purpose. You can make a lampshade from the bottom of plastic bottles with a volume of 0.5 to 2 liters. Just cut off the bottom of the bottles and stick them on the main lampshade.

Plastic bottle lamp

Another version of a plastic bottle lampshade. A small diode lamp is suitable for such lampshades.

Table lamp from improvised means

Glass bottles, for example, from wine can be used to decorate coasters. Carefully drill a hole in the bottle, put the wire in there, leave the existing lampshade on top, or make a new one with your own hands. It will look beautiful if you fill the bottles with something beautiful, for example, shells.

Glass bottle light

Still table lamp options, the base of which is made using bottles of different colors and shapes. If desired, the bottle can be wrapped with thick yarn, it will also look original.

Original table lamps

How to make a Christmas lamp from LEDs, a lamp from disks in the shape of a ball?

Do-it-yourself Christmas lights are worth talking about separately. On the eve of the New Year holidays, which cause associations of miracle, magic, I want to decorate the apartment with something luminous, bright. At the same time, I want the decorative elements to blend harmoniously into the interior of the room. Lamps are great for these purposes, it will not be difficult to make them. Below are some simple options.

Important: A lamp made of LED garland - nothing is easier. Choose a beautiful glass container: it can be a vase, serving cap, bottle. Place the LED garland inside.

LED garland does not heat up, so it is the safest for lamps of this kind.

Christmas lights

It is desirable that the garland be on batteries, so that in the glass container there is no need to make a hole for the wire. This is how lamps from bottles and garlands look in the dark.

Lamps from bottles in the dark

Another option for making an elegant bright lamp is from old music discs. Disks are fastened with a glue gun, it is fast and reliable. At the base of the lamp, one disk is placed in the center, then the rest are glued in the shape of a ball. When a ball of disks is formed, place a garland inside. From the holes of the discs, remove the garland so that it looks out. Then cover the top of the lamp with a disk, placing it parallel to the base.

Such lamps are suitable not only for decorating a room for the New Year. They can become everyday decor elements in your room if you like bright glowing elements.

Handmade lamp

Flowerpot table lamps

Flower pots of different sizes can serve as a decoration for a leg from a table lamp. To do this, take pots of different sizes, make suitable holes in them, put on the table lamp leg. Pots can be glued together with a glue gun or superglue.

Flower pots in the decor of table lamps

Flower pots are not used for table lamp shades, as they are opaque. It is logical that light through such lampshades will not pass. But for pendant lights, flower pots are quite suitable. To do this, cut out the bottom of the pot, attach to the frame, and then decorate the pot by any means.

The best decorative DIY table lamps: ideas, photos

Designers and people with creative abilities try to decorate the whole world around them. That is why you can find many unique designs of pots. What items are not used to decorate lampshades.

For example, a lampshade can be decorated with buttons of various shapes and colors. Get a bright positive lamp. Such a lamp will fit well into the interior of a child’s room or a teenager’s room.

Button lampshade

A lampshade decorated with photographs of relatives and friends will constantly attract attention.

Lampshade with photo

If you know how to embroider ribbons, use your skill to good use. A lampshade decorated with embroidered ribbons looks luxurious.

Ribbon lampshade

The leg of a table lamp can be decorated with voluminous flowers made of paper. It will turn out a beautiful gentle lamp.

Table lamp decor

A loft lamp made of water pipes and fittings will become a real designer decoration of your interior.

Laconic lamp

You can decorate the lampshade with pencils. It will turn out a very bright, boring lamp. A real decoration for your desktop.

DIY lamps

Stylish lights can be made from ordinary glasses. To do this, make a lampshade that is suitable in size, place a small candle inside. Such a lamp will be an excellent miniature evening lamp with soft light.

Stylish lights

Refresh an old lamp with denim. To do this, make a pattern for the lampshade of the appropriate size.

Simple lamp decor

Table lamps can only be used for lighting, and can also serve as room decor. Here, the lamp can have a leading position in comparison with many other elements of the interior, because the lamp almost always stands in the most prominent place. Before you start decorating a table lamp, take into account the general style of the interior. If the styles are incorrectly combined, then even the most beautiful lamp can look ridiculous against the general background. And vice versa - the most minimal and simple decor is able to emphasize your taste and ability to create.