How to quickly teach a child to walk? How to teach a child to walk independently without support?

Find out what there are ways to teach your baby to walk, and why children begin to walk at different ages.

There is no exact deadline for children to learn how to take their first steps on their own. All kids are individual. By the standards of medical specialists, a child can go at eight months, or maybe a year and a half. And one and the other indicator is the norm. It all depends on the nature, individual characteristics of the crumbs.

And yet, every child needs adult help to complete the first such long-awaited steps by parents. After all, it’s so hard for the baby to keep his balance and accustom his legs to the load and confident movements.

How to quickly teach a child to walk?

Believe me, it’s not so easy for children to learn how to confidently stand on their feet, and even more so move independently. Therefore, to teach the baby to walk, a lot of patience is required.

Baby support while walking

Follow also advice experienced moms:

  • don't make your baby walk, the child should do it with pleasure, if the baby creeps confidently, then he will start walking later
  • at first children begin to hold on to the supports and rise, then gradually using the same supports to move around, your task is to support the child if necessary
  • encourage the movement of little fidgets and rejoice at the achievements (when the baby first climbed onto the sofa, chair), try to protect the fall, remove unnecessary piles
  • do not limit the child to only one communication with mom, dad, the baby should chat with other kids, see how they move, for this, take your child to all kinds of developmental activities or simply be friends with mothers who also have children about your age
  • apply walking aids (walkers, educational toys) so that the baby can move confidently with them
  • motivate baby bright beautiful toysso that he wants to come up and take them
  • drive the baby by the hand, then gradually help him move with one hand
Mom teaches baby to walk

How to teach a child to walk without support?

If the baby is already ready for the lessons of independent walking, then you need to start learning. Identify your child's readiness for the first steps possible according to the following criteria:

  • the child is already able to hold on to objects and walk
  • he can stand alone for several minutes
  • the baby himself gets up from his knees, which means that the baby’s leg muscles are already quite developed
Child learns to walk

So that the child begins to walk, as soon as possible - interest him:

  1. Lure him to take a few steps in your direction with your favorite toy
  2. Use all kinds of educational toys with handles on wheels, the baby will hold on to them and slowly learn to walk
  3. Hold him while walking, periodically loosen your arms, give him the opportunity to step a step or two on his own
  4. Refuse walkers, these at first glance are convenient devices, they can vice versa: delay the process of learning to walk. After all, the baby does not rest on the legs itself, but sits in them (walkers), as a result - there is no load on the muscle mass of the legs. And in some cases, the deformation of the feet of the baby
  5. Teach your baby so that he is not afraid to fall. Some children are afraid after falling and do not want to continue to learn to walk. Your task is to prevent this. When falling, switch the attention of the crumbs to something else so that he forgets about his failure
First independent steps

How to teach a child to walk at 8, 9 months?

Already in the eighth and ninth month of his life, the baby begins to rise to its legs, begin to do the first steps near the support. All these movements should be encouraged by games in order to strengthen the muscles of the legs.

To do this, you can dance to the music with the baby, bend and straighten the legs to the music. Play "Catch up with Catch up", that is, the baby will hold on to the furniture and move, and you pretend that you are trying to catch up with him.

Baby's first steps in eight months

How to teach a child to walk in a walker?

Walkers begin to apply from a young age (7-8 months). Many mothers believe that they help strengthen the baby's legs. First, the child must be taught to stand in the walker.

To do this, let the baby understand that it is safe to stand in them. Gently pull the baby by the hands forward, or hold both hands at the waist, trying to put the legs on the floor. When the fidget learns to stand, then you can learn and move around. Move away a little from the baby and call him to you. You can also lure your baby with your favorite toy.

How to teach a child to walk in a walker?

How to teach a child to walk in 10, 11 months?

At this age, your child already has many skills:

  • he already has the strength to get up, stand, sit for a long period
  • can even hum your favorite songs, throw toys purposefully
  • rolls toys on casters, throws balls
  • begins to take steps himself, can arrange runs from one support to another

Your task is to encourage all these skills. Help the baby, take the first steps.

Baby's first steps in 11 months

How to teach a child to walk in 1 year?

Most often, in one year old the child already begins to walk and successfully moves around the room, runs on the street. But due to individuality, there are times when the baby does not walk yet.

You should not worry if the baby confidently stands without support, moves well with support. The problem is most likely due to the fact that the child is more comfortable crawling than walking. It remains only to wait until the crumbs finally understand that walking is better than crawling.

Baby's first steps in a year

How to teach a child to walk hand in hand?

After the child takes the first steps on his own, he no longer needs his mother's hand. Often children refuse to walk with adults by the handle. But if the child moves around the room himself, then this is normal.

And when on the street, mom or dad can not take independent baby by the hand, then this is a problem. After all, children have no experience - they do not know how to cross the road, there is a danger of getting lost. Therefore, parents need to make every effort, patience, so that the child ceases to be naughty, starts walking hand in hand with adults.

How to teach a kid to walk hand in hand?

To do this, find the approach to the baby:

  • There are no identical tips to help find a solution to this problem. It’s enough for some children to give an example: “You see, Tanya is walking with her mother by the handle, come on and I'll take you.” And some need to tell an instructive story about a bear who did not want to walk with his mother’s hand and was lost
  • And if your child is 10 months old, the above example will not work. Such a crumb should simply not be let go far, constantly and strictly control the movement. Especially when you go near the roadway. Take the baby in your arms and simply carry
  • It happens that your favorite child arranges a tantrum. Patience, do not pay attention. Take the obstinate kid in your arms and carry the entire dangerous section of the road. Do not indulge his whims. Safety is more important
Mom and daughter walk by the hand

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