What are the holes on the nails? Large holes in the nails of the fingers and small: health implications

What do the holes on our nails say, is their appearance related to health, and why can the nail holes disappear? Let's figure it out together.

Taking care of our health, many of us tend to closely monitor our own body in order to identify certain problems. Of course, a careful attitude to your health will ensure the prevention and timely treatment of many diseases. The appearance of our nails can tell about some signs of the development of diseases.

What are the holes on the nails?

A close look at the fingernails reveals lighter crescent-shaped areas at the base of growth, called holes or lunulae.

  • Wells can be of different sizes and not located on every nail, and also stand out or almost merge with the rest of the nail in color.
  • Sometimes there are no holes at all, and some people notice that with age they have decreased in size or disappeared.
  • It is believed that the nail holes or their absence can talk about health problems and serve as one of the means of visual diagnosis, which allows to suspect a particular disease.
Nail holes - white crescents at the base of the nail

Should there be holes on the nails - white semicircles at the base of the nail?

To understand this issue, you should pay attention to the physiological structure of the nail plate.

According to the structure of a healthy nail, the holes should be.

The white color of the nail hole is a consequence of reduced blood circulation and weaker nutrition of the capillaries as a result of pressure from the growing nail.

How are the nails on the fingers connected with health?

Having carefully examined the nail holes, it is possible to identify the presence of some problems in the patient's functioning of the body systems or the development of serious diseases. Such diagnostic methods were widely used by ancient Tibetan and Chinese healers.

  • Studies conducted by modern experts do not refute the methods of diagnosing diseases according to the state of the nail plates, but taking into account the genetic aspects.
  • Sometimes the type and shape of the nail holes may not indicate an existing disease, but a predisposition to it, as well as identify the most vulnerable areas.
  • If you pay attention to it in time, effective prevention will help to avoid serious health problems.

The connection of the nail holes with the whole body.

Big holes, on all nails of both hands indicate good health, excellent blood supply, a healthy endocrine system and good vitality.
Small holes or their absence indicate health problems or a predisposition to diseases, which will be discussed below.

  1. Wells on the thumb of the nail: indicate the functioning of the brain and lungs.
  2. Wells on the index finger of the nail: inform about the condition of the colon, gastrointestinal tract, pelvic organs.
  3. Wells on the middle finger: indicate the health or pathology of the blood supply to the vascular system.
  4. Wells on the ring finger: indicate the health of the endocrine and lymphatic systems, kidneys.
  5. Wells on the little finger: talk about the work of the intestines.
The holes in the nails can determine the presence of certain health problems or a predisposition to diseases

Nail Holes: Significance in Palmistry and Tibetan Medicine

Nails in palmistry are important in determining the health and nature of a person and the condition of the holes too.

An experienced specialist specializing in the field of medicine will help determine the patient’s condition according to the methods of Tibetan medicine.

According to the experience of Tibetan healers, the case when the lunulae are located on each nail is distinguished by a white-pink hue, and the nails themselves have a color matching the skin color and a smooth, even surface.

  • The diminution of the holes in size or complete disappearance does not occur simultaneously, but gradually - in a certain pattern due to inevitable age-related changes in the functioning of organs and systems of the body.
  • First, the lunula of the little finger contracts and disappears, then the ring, middle and, lastly, the index fingers.
  • Nail hole on thumb most pronounced and, as a rule, does not disappear at all. By its appearance, one can judge the work of the lungs and the activity of the brain and their blood supply.
  • Significantly decrease the lunula on the thumb maybe in people suffering from pulmonary diseases, smokers with long experience and patients with mental and mental disorders.
  • Reduction of the moon on the index finger indicates pathologies of the digestive system, large intestine, pancreas and liver, inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract and genitourinary system, turning into a chronic form, as well as problems in the reproductive system.
  • Middle finger nail hole may decrease with diseases of the cardiovascular and circulatory system - hypertension, heart rhythm disturbance, vasoconstriction.
  • Lunula on the ring finger often almost imperceptible, which indicates problems in the function of the lymphatic and endocrine systems, the thyroid gland, renal failure, and a slowdown in metabolism.
  • Little finger hole It is an indicator of malfunction of the small intestine and cardiac abnormalities.
The decrease in the holes occurs gradually and is associated with age-related and physiological disturbances in the work of organs

Tsthe vein of the nail holes also indicates health problems:

  • If the lunula has a yellowish tint, you should pay attention to the liver
  • With a bluish shade of the holes, acute heart failure can be suspected
  • The red color of the lunula indicates an increase in the level of red blood cells in the blood
  • If the holes look transparent, this indicates a decrease in hemoglobin

In palmistry, it is believed that lunulas can talk about relationships with the opposite sex.

  • If the man’s hands do not have nail holes, this may indicate a preference for free ties, refusal to enter into a marriage and fear of a serious relationship.
  • The absence of moons on the woman’s nails indicates problems in the personal sphere - a failed marriage, the absence of a permanent partner or short-term novels.
Wells on nails can talk about personal relationships

Large holes on the nails of the fingers: the meaning

The size of the lunula also indicates a state of health.

  • If the nail holes too big, should pay close attention to the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • An increase in the holes indicates a malfunction in the heart rhythm, heart rate and tachycardia, and low blood pressure.
  • Often, large, pronounced holes in the nails can be observed in athletes and people whose occupation is associated with great physical exertion.

Small dimples: meaning

  • If the holes in the nails are small or barely visible under the cuticle, this may mean a violation of blood circulation, and as a result, poor supply of organs and systems of the body.
  • Patients may also have a deficiency. vitamin b12, problems in the thyroid gland and a violation of the normal level of hormone production.
  • If it is noticeable that the lunula is isolated by a transverse strip from the rest of the nail plate, this indicates problems with blood sugar and the development of diabetes.
The lack of holes in the nails can be laid genetically and should not cause unreasonable fears

Missing holes on the nails: reasons

Changing the shape of the nails and the disappearance of the holes, in addition to the above internal causes, can also be associated with external influences or mechanical damage to the nail plates:

  • nail injury (shock, severe compression, burns)
  • fungal or bacterial infections of the nails and periungual area of ​​the skin
  • use of unsuitable cosmetics
  • non-compliance with hygiene when processing nails

No nails: reasons

Do not panic if you have not found holes in your nails or on the nails of a child.

  • Reduction or absence of lunula is perceived by modern medicine as one of the symptoms of circulatory disorders.
  • Diagnosis of body functions only by the state of the nails cannot be considered authoritative.
  • Any disease can be detected only after an appropriate examination by a specialist.
  • In some people, the absence of nail holes is a physiological feature of the structure of the nail plate and in no way indicates the development of a particular pathology.

Even if a person does not have a nail hole, this does not mean that it is necessary to begin self-medication.

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