Proverbs and sayings about a dog for children of preschool and school age, school, DOE: a collection of the best proverbs with an explanation of meaning. What are and how to find proverbs and sayings about a dog for children?

In the article you will find a large list of sayings about dogs and get a detailed interpretation of them.

Proverbs and sayings about a dog for preschool age, kindergarten: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

Dog is man’s best friend. This faithful companion often accompanies him through life and in many matters. No wonder that the dog has become one of the important symbols of devotion, friendship and always personifies the relationship between people.

In Russian, there are many good, wise, beautiful, kind and even funny sayings about dogs, which a person should rethink in his own way, making the right conclusions and conclusions.

Proverb about the dogInterpretation of the saying
The poor dog bites even on a camel.Clothing will not change a man’s habits, no matter how he changes it. For example, even if the rude and the boor will smile at everyone, this does not mean that he will wish others well.
Without a cat, there is no home, without a dog - a yard.A dog symbolizes protection, if there is no solid shoulder in life that you can rely on, there is no confidence, friendship and support.
You can't catch a hare without a dog.There will be no business without help.
A white dog, a black dog is a dog anyway.Like it or not, do not do it, but what you are will not change.
White dog. The black dog stinks with his dog.Bad clothes, a smile or money do not color.
A rabid dog and everything is quiet seems to be.No one can know what is happening inside a person.
A mad dog and the owner bites.Even a friend can expect betrayal.
A rabid dog seven miles away is not a hook.A foolish person suffers from rash acts.
The rabid dog's tail is chopped to the ears.For bad deeds, wait for reckoning.
Give way to the mad dog.Avoid the bad person.
Where a mad dog is killed, they will bury it there.Those who value nothing are not respected.
Awe is the feeling a person feels for God and a dog feels for a person.Love the one who appreciates you.
The nearest dog is more likely to bite.The one who is closest to you makes it the hardest.
Ermoshka is rich - there is a dog and a cat.If you have a true friend, you are already rich.
A big dog never barks at a little mongrel.Know your worth.
Throw a bone to the dog and it will shut up.Do what is expected of you.
The dog had a hut, it started to rain - it burned down.Unlucky man.
That's where the dog is buried. (That's where the dog rummaged).That's where the truth is hiding!
All poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles.Nobility is not given by birth, it is developed.
All dogs are strong in their yard.Not always what is said in words is actually done.
And the dog in the capital barks more centrally.A person living in a city is more educated than in a village.
And the dog knows that the grass is treated.Something obvious.
And the dog will not fit the dog without sniffing it.Without knowing the person well, you will not be friends with him.
And the dog affectionately knows the word (he remembers the good old).You feel kindness right away.

And the dog does not bark at whose bread he eats.

And the dog remembers who feeds it.

For kindness they will answer you with kindness.
From an angry dog, even a shred of wool.Do not expect anything good from a bad person.
Approach the dog from behind and the horse from the front.Beware of betrayal from a loved one.
Buy a dog. This is the only way to buy love for money.You cannot buy a true friend for money.
A dog would buy a liver, but there’s nothing to buy.From stupidity all troubles.
Climbing into the wolves, and the dog’s tail.A person always betrays his inner guts; he cannot be hidden!
It is better to be a feared tiger than a dog that you love.Human kindness and simplicity is not always appreciated.
Better to have a dog than a daughter.A stranger may be kinder than a loved one.
Better to believe a dog than a boyar.A simple man is more honest than an official.
Do not promise the dog a pie, but throw a piece of bread.Do not promise, but do it!
A dog will not eat without being hooked, and a cat without grumbling.Until you work hard, you won’t get a reward.
Not that dog bites that barks, but that which is silent and wags its tail.Evil may be concealed by someone you do not expect.
Do not teach the fish to swim, and the dog to bark.Do not say obvious things.
The roast goose is not healthy for the dog.Each person has his own place, each business has its own time.
You can’t chop off a dog’s tail in parts in the hope that it will not be so cruel.Do not cheat or hide the truth.
For a while, the dog has a buttery pancake.Expect the good in life and beware of the bad.
Russian proverbs about dogs

Best proverbs and sayings about a dog for primary and secondary school age: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

It will be very easy and interesting for small children to perceive sayings about dogs. Try to explain as simply as possible for them the meaning of each saying, so that from an early age the child begins to think about life values.

Proverb about the dogInterpretation of the saying
In a fight, what matters is not the size of the dog, but the amount of anger in it.A person, even inconspicuous in appearance, may have outstanding abilities.
Each village has its own dog.Each team has a sneaky person, a gossip man, or a stupid person.
In one coat the dog will not live.Not enough for life skills, and knowledge is needed.
In his kennel and a dog is a tiger.You are the head in your house, and as soon as you go beyond the threshold, you become an ordinary person.
You can’t throw meat into a dog.Tender words do not achieve rigor.
In such weather, you cannot drive a dog out into the street.When you don’t want to do business, but you need or when you don’t need to go somewhere, you’re going.
At such a time, the good owner will not drive the dog out of the gate.A good man will not leave his friend to the mercy.
Great love is for mothers, then for dogs, then for sweetheart.Friend, compare faithful dog, loves with all his heart and for nothing.
A faithful dog barks at every passerby, and then thieves are not afraid.The help of loved ones is always needed, and not only if necessary.
Loyalty to a dog is directly proportional to the quality of the feed and leash length.As you relate to people, so they will relate to you.
The dog howled at its head.Said stupidity can ruin a lot.
The dog sees milk, but deep in the jug.Not enough, you need to be able to.
Wagging his tail, the dog earns his own food, and barking, gets only beatings.Kindness helps, but evil repels.
It is free to dog and lord to lord.It is easiest to offend close people.
Each dog walks in its coat.You are who you are and it makes no sense to pretend.
Every dog ​​knows.For example: everyone knows him, everyone talks about him.
Each dog is entitled to one bite.Everyone has the right to make mistakes.
No matter how evil the dog is, it always wags its tail.And in a bad person there are good traits.
Like a cat with a dog (friendly).They constantly swear.
No matter how the dog turns, the tail is behind.What don’t do, but you won’t change yourself.
Like a dog, I understand everything, but I can’t say it.There are no words.
As the dog moves, so it is folded.Whatever you are born will be in life.
Not every dog ​​bites, but every dog ​​breaches.Not everyone who threatens can strike.
The river dog doesn’t cry out, so he stands all night over the river and barks.No need to say that you can do it if the work is not feasible.
Do not tease the dog and will not bark.Do not offend, and they will not offend you.
Do not live with a wolf and a dog.It is difficult to live with an evil person.
Do not wave your stick and the dog will not bark.Do not threaten and do not receive threats.
Not from greed the dog bites, but out of dashing.Do not do bad to a good person.
Don’t get in the way of a village dog between urban!You see and feel a simple person right away.
Do not step on the tail of a rabid dog.Do not be angry with a bad person.
Do not respond to the barking dog.In some cases, it is better to be silent.
Do not look at your dogs as people, otherwise they will look at you as dogs.Everyone must know their place.
Do not ask the cat for cakes, the dog pancake.Do not demand from the fool business.
Don’t go, dog, on the wolf’s footprint: look back, eat.Do not cross the mind.
Do not stick in the wolf pack, if the dog’s tail.You do not need to praise your abilities if you yourself are not sure that you possess them.
The most popular proverbs and sayings about dogs

Popular Russian folk proverbs and sayings about a dog: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

Sayings in which the dog is involved or in question may have different meanings and interpretations. Something relates to human relationships, something to animals, something to life values.

Proverb about the dogInterpretation of the saying
It is all the same, but not one: a cat in a hut, and a dog in the yard.Everyone has their place.
All dogs are etched.The cunning person.
Hang all dogs on someone.Negotiate someone.
Stand up happened: and the dog with the wolf lived.Even different people can find a common topic of conversation.
All night the dog barked for a month, and the month does not know.Do not overestimate your abilities.
Where there is a rooster, there is a village, where a dog - there is a house.With a kind person you will feel good everywhere.
A hungry wolf is stronger than a well-fed dog.Do not hide your kind and status.
The bare bone and the dog does not gnaw.The bad is felt right away.
Chasing dogs.Lazy man.
Even the dog will not be able to stop the quarreling spouses.A simple person and a "small" person in society are not noticeable.
Give the dog a bad name and you can easily hang it, but give the dog a good name and you will see what happens.A good word inspires a person.
Two small dogs eat big.A strong, intelligent, confident person prevails over a weak, small one.
Two dogs together will catch more hares than four dogs separately.Collaboration helps in the work.
Two dogs bite, do not bother the third.Do not go out of your way!
The dog was assigned the case, and she was assigned to her tail.Do your job.
Money - chickens do not peck and dogs do not eat.Little or no money.
Keep your dog hungry and she will always follow you.If you are kind to a person or help him, you can always count on his kindness in return.
Keep the dog on the chain, and the tongue on seven.Do not say too much.
Children are not dogs, adults are not gods.No need to shout at children and make them fulfill whims.
How a dog catches flies.Doing nothing.
How dog tired (hungry, cold, angry).Feeling bad or a bad day, as an option, a very difficult day.
Like a dog's fifth leg.Excess.
What kind of hair on a dog is such an honor.A good family is a good person.
What is the master, such is the dog.As you do, such things come back to you.
When two dogs attack, one barks and the other bites.When trouble happens, no luck in everything.
When friendship arises between a dog and a cat, it is nothing but an alliance against the cook.Two enemies can unite for one benefit.
When you love me - and love my dog.Love all traits in a person.
When death comes, the dog runs to the temple.Even the stupid understands the mistake.
I learned how to whip and beat dogs.Wasted time.
Do not hit the dog, and she was a man.Kindness is easy to achieve.
The wolf of a dog is not afraid, but does not like its flax.Do not show your bad traits.
Do not be afraid of the brethren dog, but be silent.Beware of secretive and silent people.
Do not wake a sleeping dog. (Better not wake a sleeping dog)Do not be angry with a bad person.
This is not the time to feed the dogs when the wolf is in the herd.Do not trust a bad person.
The wisest proverbs and sayings about dogs

The most interesting proverbs and sayings about a dog for children: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

Bring children to Russian folk art, because proverbs and sayings are one of the forms of art. Wisdom embedded in each of them. It must be passed down for centuries from generation to generation.

Proverb about the dogInterpretation of the saying
Children love when there is a dog in the house - until the dog has children.Love in man good and bad.
In order to be considered a friend of a person, it is not enough to be a dog.It’s not enough to be called “good,” prove it to be the case.
A good person is ashamed even in front of a dog.When you did wrong, everyone sees it.
Trust the dog to guard the meat - nothing remains.Do not trust the business of someone who cannot cope with it.
Debt - that on the dog is a burdock.A lot of debt.
A house without a cat or dog is a housekeeper.A person who has many friends or pets, or a large family is good-natured and generous.
A pugnacious woman without dogs guards the whole village.An angry and ill-mannered woman is worse than a dog.
He was bitten by a cat in Baghdad, and he came to Istanbul and beat a dog.Rumors and gossip.
A hedgehog has been given stubble so that the dogs do not bite.Do not respond to gossip and slander.
If dogs could speak, they would not seem so smart.Sometimes it’s better to keep silent.
If you stop every time a dog barks, there will be no end to your road.Ignore the difficulties and move forward.
If you sit on an elephant, there is nothing to be afraid of a dog.With support, you are always strong.
If a dog bites a person, this is not news; news - if a person bites a dog.Sometimes a person does what you absolutely do not expect from him.
If the dog growls on Monday, then by Friday it will bite you.If you will constantly give evil, sooner or later it will return to you.
If a dog bites you, this does not mean that you can answer her the same. (If a dog bites you - do not answer her the same)Do not take a bad example.
If you go to the goal and stop on the road to throw stones at any dog ​​barking at you, you will never reach the goal.Paying attention to stupidity and resentment, you will not learn anything and will not comprehend anything.
If you have a dog business, tell him "brother."Expecting help from a person, treat him well.
If you want to live like a dog and die like a man, get married, if you want to live like a man and die like a dog, don't get married.Human needs human.
If something looks like a dog, barks like a dog and bites like a dog, then this is a dog.Bad behavior does not color a person.
There are three things to avoid: a strange dog, a flood, and a person who considers himself to be wise.Bad people get around.
Eat a dog a dog, and eat the last devil.Do not cross the line of humanity!
Eat, dear guests, all the same, the dogs throw out.In vain business.
When they want to kill a dog, they say that she is mad.Hex.
When asked what was good, the hare replied: "To see the dog before she sees you."Avoid the danger that a loved one can cause you.
If a dog is a bat, there is a stick.What is destined to happen is not to be avoided.
Whoever needs to hit the dog will find a stick.All evil is punishable.
The bone thrown to a dog is not mercy; mercy is a bone shared with a dog when you are hungry no less than it.You need to be kinder to others.
The cat and woman are always in the hut, and the man and dog are always in the yard.No need to divide people into good and bad.
You can't get enough meat for a dog.Know the measure.
The hand does not rise at the dog wagging its tail.I don’t want to offend a kind person.
On the canine position.No rights.
There are many dogs on a cowardly person.If you are to blame, you will be responsible for this.
Good dog and a good bear.A good person will always be helped.
In a foreign land, and the dog yearns.Appreciate the good.
You need to know how to choose dogs.Be able to understand people.
The most instructive proverbs and sayings about dogs

Small, short proverbs and sayings for children about a dog: a collection with an explanation of the meaning

Learning and reading sayings is one of the best ways to shape a person’s worldview. Try to find the most simple or complex sayings for children of different ages and ask him to independently explain the meaning of each.

Proverb about the dogInterpretation of the saying
A living dog is better than a dead lion.It is better to have one true friend than many named ones.
Yermoshka lives: there is a dog and a cat.Happy man.
A cat lives, a dog lives.Where there are many good people, it’s easy to live.
They live like dogs at a trough.Live in quarrels, swear.
He lived a dog - he was killed by a dog.Do not take a bad example.
During the journey, the dog could grow up.Over time, you can become smarter.
For a dog a stick will not be lost.If you did wrong, wait for retribution.
For this, the dog is fed so that she is lying.The reward is only where there is labor.
Heals like a dog.Quickly.
Healed how the dog died.Time flew by quickly.
Wanted from the dog kulebyaki.Vain expectations.
Why keep the dog and bark yourself.The name of opportunity, take full advantage of them.
Evil dog and master chews.A bad person does evil to everyone, even those whom he loves.
Angry like a dog.Very evil or uncontrollable evil.
An angry dog ​​needs a lot.Excessive appetite, unjustified opportunities, desires.
A dog knows whose meat is eaten.Clever act.
And you know, don’t take it; and take it, but not like a dog.Speak only what you are sure of and what you know.
And the dog is biting, but the tail is running out.Everyone is afraid of something.
And from a good flea dog you’ll pick up.And a good person can have bad traits.
The cat is full of mystery like a beast; the dog is simple and naive as a person.A simple, kind person does not want to do evil.
The cat broke the pot, and the dog was beaten.Condemned the innocent.
Cat and dog do not live together.Two different people will not find a common language.
Whoever is happy with the guest, he feeds his dog.In a loved one, love all the traits.
Who loves the priest, he caresses the priest and the dog.Respect the person and his actions.
He who fears wolves prepares dogs.Do not wish evil.
Whoever eats from a dog will swell in his throat.Bad example.
Whoever doesn’t come out with a breed - keeps thoroughbred dogs!The desire to be better does not always make a person better.
Where the dog got up, there are guests.Rumors are not baseless.
It’s better to tease a dog than a woman.Sometimes a person behaves worse than an animal.
The best thing a person has is a dog.A true friend is more precious than gold.
Loves like a dog stick.I do not like.
Love that dog radish.I do not like it, I do not like it.
A small dog is a puppy all his life. (Little dog to old age puppy)Little man is little success.
The little dog barks - hears from the big one.A bad example is given to children by adults.
A bear is not a dog to a dog, a pig in a garden is not a gardener and a wolf is not a shepherd to a sheep; bad judge who is dumb or deaf.Inequality.
Love me, so do not beat my dog.Do not criticize or discuss the actions of the person you love.
Nobody beats a dead dog with a stick.When time is low, there is nothing to try to change something.
You can trust someone who likes dogs and children.It’s not a sin to entrust a good person with a secret, but it’s dangerous to greet a bad person.
Silence is a dog and a quiet pool.Unexpected actions.
A monk should eat like a dog and live like a fox.Through difficulties comes understanding, success and knowledge.
Revenge is almost the same as biting the dog that bit you.Do not do what you did badly.
There was a kind dog in the yard. He teased, teased until he was bitten. And then they took and wrote - an angry dog.If you constantly give evil, expect that sooner or later, it will return to you in full.
There are a lot of cattle in the yard: three dogs, two cats.Money is tight.
Go hunting - feed the dogs.Vain efforts.
The dog is fed the wrong day when you need to go huntingPrepare in advance.
On carrion and the dog runs.Bad deeds are always condemned.
The barking dog barks, while the cowardly vomits.Self-doubt often jokes with a person a "cruel joke."
There are no bad dogs, there are bad owners.Bad behavior is bad education.
There are no ugly dogs - there are only unlovers.There are no bad children, there are children (people) who are not given enough attention.
Not a single dog.No one.
Dogs do not bark about this already.It’s not worth a penny.
The dog got used to running around for a cart.Tired of it.
There is someone to bark, but no one to stroke.Everyone wants to scold, but there is no one to praise.
One dog barks - all the dogs behind it.A bad example is contagious.
One dog barks at something, the rest barks at that dog.If someone goes against the crowd, the crowd will condemn him.
From fat and the dog is furious.From nothing to do.
From a dog - a puppy, from a sheep - a lamb.If you were born in a simple family, do not aspire to become a king.
Compartments to the tail of the dog - there will be no sheep.No matter how hard you try, you will not become anyone other than yourself.
Apostle along the beard, and a dog along the teeth.Appearances are deceptive.
The dog’s nickname.Praise the man for his deeds.
A dog got around for a cart to walk.A bad habit has appeared.
Show the dog a finger and she will want the whole hand.Do good to a bad person, he wants more and will not say thank you.
Against an angry dog, an evil one must be released.Do not expect a good answer to evil.
Do not iron against wool.Saying unpleasant things.
Dog under the tail.Fail the case.

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