Classic men's perfumes: what aromas are always relevant? Rating of classic fragrances for men: always relevant fragrances from Dior, Chanel, Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, Guerlain, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Baldessarini

In this article we will talk about what fragrances for men can be called classics.

The cult Coco Chanel belongs to the phrase that correctly selected spirits are able to give confidence, and hence charm, chic. Agree that confidence is an extremely important quality for the stronger sex. And this means that it's time to deal with iconic men's fragrances.

1. Dior "Fahrenheit"

Aroma saw the world in 1988 thanks to the efforts Maurice Roger and Jean-Louis Susack. They dreamed of creating a smell that can adequately decorate self-confident a man. A man setting goals and not afraid of obstacles when they are reached.

The dream came true in the form flower wood flavor with a hint of musk. And, surprisingly, with a rather daring promise, the smell is not impudent, not intrusive. is he elegant, has style.

Jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose emphasized favorably honeysuckle - It gives power and astringency. By the way, there is a belief that honeysuckle brings good luck in financial matters, creative inspiration.

Hawthorn Brings a honey touch. He inspires calm, confidence. Sandalwood, Cedar give perfume depth and appeal. Patchouli it rewards warmth and outlines the character of the aroma.

IMPORTANT: This perfume is a ready-made aphrodisiac in a bottle.

Fahrenheit Perfume for Confident Men

2. Chanel "Egoiste Platinum"

Chanel managed to become famous not only in the female, but also in the male perfume world. Appearing in 1993, this perfume instantly became associated with luxury and successful life. is he catchy and elegant at the same time having a special finessecapable emphasize individuality. No wonder the fragrance is named after platinum - a metal that has all of the above characteristics.

If you liked "Egoiste", released earlier, but something was missing, it is definitely worth a closer look at this version. She is different from her predecessor. stamina and other improvements.

As for the pyramid, then it woody-floral-musky. Top notes are cool - it's lavender, neroli, rosemary, petitgrain. Then followed by tart geranium, clary sage, galbanum, jasmine. Complete the composition white cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, ambergris, oak moss.

The fragrance as a result is attractive, its the train is pronounced. Least of all is it appropriate in the summer, but at other times of the year the spirits will not be equal!

IMPORTANT: If you want to find a smell that would be timeless, you should definitely take a closer look at Egoiste Platinum.

Egoiste Platinum Perfume Advertising

3. Cartier "Declaration"

Declaration charismatic a man having a sea of ​​charm appeared in 1998 thanks to the efforts Jean-Claude Ellen. This declaration represents stylish attractive man having a taste. No pathos, smartness!

The secret of this influence of perfume is its unusual combinations. Sensual and juicy notes are intricately intertwined with fresh and frankly sexy. Mandarin, orange with bitterness, caraway, birch, cinnamon, pepper, juniper, ginger, jasmine, tea, oak moss, vetiver, ambergris, cedar, leather - really, very catchy cocktail.

Despite the fact that rather dissimilar notes replace each other, they create an integral aura. Creating an image helps and bottle. He was specially made so that he repeated the broad-shouldered male figure. A laconic stylish bottle is crowned with a silver cap.

IMPORTANT: In these unique spirits, a man of any age has a chance to find a piece of himself.

Stylish fragrance from Cartier

4. Yves Saint Laurent "L'Homme"

In 2006 year this famous fashion house released a fragrance that literally blew up the world of men's perfumes. Which is not surprising, if you recall that created by his trio of masters of their craft - Pierre Varney, Ann Flipo, Dominic Ropion.

They wanted to release elegant perfume, which could eventually be attributed to the classics. It really happened! Floral Musk the aroma welcomes lemon, tart ginger, sweet bergamot. Then you can catch the scent violet leaves, basil, some spices. Creation ends tonka bean, cedar wood and vetiver - notes that give warmth.

Unlike similar so-called "business smells", this perfume no sharpness, which can sometimes be found in aromatic glasses. Also he does not contain pronounced freshness. All ingredients are correctly balanced, making a seasoned composition.

IMPORTANT: Ideal for those men who feel confident in modern fast-paced realities, are able to keep up with the times.

The famous Yves Saint Laurent pleased the aroma and the strong half of humanity

5. Hugo Boss "Boss Bottled"

Perfume can be attributed to easy. Moreover, it contains enough elegance, sensuality. Truly Sensual Choice for confident and successful men. Masculinity, completely devoid of aggression.

Users claim that perfume envelops, calms softnessuplifting sweetness. He's a little creamy, intriguing sourness. The latter is not pronounced, but piquant.

The pyramid begins moss, geranium, plum, bergamot. It manifests itself particularly vividly an Apple, which, by the way, is heard to the very end. Therefore, fans of apple flavor should take note of this option. Sourness is created citrus, which you can also meet from the first seconds. Further perform cinnamon, mahogany, cloves. Giving creaminess are basic vanilla, white cedar, sandalwood and olive trees, vetiver.

IMPORTANT: A great plus is a good plume of perfume, which lasts a long time on its owner.

Gerard Butler in Hugo Boss fragrance ad

6. Guerlain "Guerlain Homme"

Amazing fragrance - bright to piercing and in something barbed, but at the same time sophisticated and caressing. This is a real contrast: in the saturation of perfume, they are fantastically intertwined strength with freshness.

The composition is revealed at first.mojito - refreshing peppermint, sweet lime, brightening rum. Next, exquisite and delicate enters into force. a chord of flowers. And then they form a train woody notes creating an aura of sensuality and power. it patchouli, vetiver, cedar. This combination is quite intense, so in the memory of those around him is destined to stay for a long time.

Also impressive bottle. He is strict and elegant - nothing more. Really good presentation of men's perfume.

IMPORTANT: The fragrance is ideal for people who love adventure, discovery.

Guerlain pleased with the scent in a simple simple design

7. Givenchy "Givenchy pour Homme"

A fragrance that can be safely called luxurious. It is fresh and slightly sweet, noble and possessing a fair amount of elegance. Imagination instantly draws the image of a real gentleman with impeccable manners.

Juicy flavor begins to unfold. tangerine and grapefruittender violet coriander. Then follow lavender with vetiver. The final and base notes are white cedar, labdanum. All this magnificence leaves behind a fairly tangible enveloping loop.

However, the developers of the fragrance immediately demonstrated the impression that perfume should produce. We are talking about packaging. It has a rich burgundy color, which already speaks of luxury, the ability to excite.

By the way, probably, such a perfume should pay attention to men who a little lack of self-confidence. The fact is that A stunning train will help to complete the look you want to wear.

IMPORTANT: The durability of this perfume is good - on average, 6-8 hours.

Perfume by Givenchy

8. Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue pour Homme"

Perfume will delight fans aromatic citrus smells. In particular, those who wish to create image of a Mediterranean smoothie. The sea, the sun, sensuality, the resort - these are the images that are drawn when familiarizing with the aroma. In this niche, the product has taken the place of classics quite firmly.

Top notes are revealed juniper, bergamot. As well as juicy grapefruit, mandarin from Sicily. The heart of the fragrance consists of rosewood, rosemary. And of course there is peppercorn - in such a fragrance it cannot but exist! In the base frankincense, musk and oak moss. The train from such a perfume is quite noticeable.

IMPORTANT: But it should be warned that its resistance leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the lucky owners of the Mediterranean aura will have to carry its source with them.

Despite this, the fragrance found an army of fans. Largely thanks to him brightness. And at the same time lightness. Indeed, there is a feeling that a light breeze passed somewhere nearby.

Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana - the embodiment of freshness

9. Kenzo "Kenzo pour Homme"

Another representative of "marine" aromas. More precisely, aromatic water. But, despite some association with a vacation on the beach, this fragrance will not let you get bored! He is amazing fresh, unusually bright. For those men who prefer live here now without putting off a single idea for an uncertain future. They take risks, they enjoy life and every minute of it.

The contrast of aromatic-water aroma opens citruses, sage, mahogany, bergamot. Also at this moment, they slip sea ​​notes. Next come juniper fruits, jasmine, nutmeg, nut, caraway, peach, lily of the valley, pine, cloves and a little rose. The base includes musk and ambergris, cedar and sandalwood, vetiver and moss. Such a base helps to recreate freshness, purity.

IMPORTANT: Perfume is ideal for people who often experience stress. Sage notes have been proven to have an astonishingly soothing effect.

Kenzo perfume is stored in a bottle that resembles a sea wave in shape

10. Baldessarini "Del Mar"

Luxurious noble perfume - perhaps this characteristic will suit him best. He is crystal cleanHe is out of fuss and worry. When this smell is inhaled, the azure distance immediately appears, covered with a bluish haze horizon. In a word, the smell is also associated with relaxation, like some others from the rating. But with relaxation more constructiverather than active.

Everything is harmonious in this perfume. He begins acquaintance with the owner with refreshing notes. bergamot and joy awakening shades tangerine. Black pepper, located at the beginning, adds intrigue. The middle of the perfume warms cinnamon and brings a noble note thanks cardamom with cedar. A control shot at a woman’s heart is juicy grapes laconic vetiver and ambergris, which seems to envelop her inhaler.

IMPORTANT: According to surveys, women like this perfume very much, attracting them like a magnet.

The advertising of the perfume Del Mar perfectly reflects the impression of him

Classics are synonymous with quality. Music, literature, cinema ... Perfumes in this list is no exception. If you are a man who wants to find his own fragrance, or a woman who wants to find the perfect gift, you should definitely turn to the classic smells.