Top 15 most beautiful, best, famous, famous parks in the world: names, description, photo

In this article we will consider the best, beautiful, famous and incredible parks in the world.

Amid the bustle of the city, a cozy green park is a real joy for many residents of megacities. Where, if not in the park, you can stop thinking about everyday problems and just relax your soul. And visiting this or that country, you must certainly try a natural attraction. After all, the best parks in the world will not only surprise you with their beauty, but also help you relax your soul.

Top 15 most beautiful, famous and best parks in the world

The most famous and best parks in the world is a real work of art, which was created using the incredible creations of nature and the talented hand of man. Many parks have existed for over a thousand years and never cease to amaze with their beauty.

15. A traditional Rikugien park that takes its roots from the Golden Age of Japanese poetry

From Japanese, "rikugi" is translated as "six poems of waka," and "en" means "garden or park." Just imagine - the park was created in 1695 and to this day does not cease to please residents and visitors of Tokyo with its amazing beauty. The Japanese are madly proud of Rikugien Park and consider it a true example of landscape art around the world.

Green beauty in the center of the city

Moreover, Tokyo is famous for its frantic pace of life, and such a park is considered a true island of calm and tranquility. In the famous Japanese park, there are about 35 thousand mighty trees and all kinds of bushes, strewn with inflorescences. Until about 1938, the park belonged to a wealthy emperor, but after a couple of years it passed into city ownership and became a local attraction.

This is a real place of calm and silence.

14. Vibrant Butchart Flower Gardens in Canada

In 2004, the park was named a national treasure of Canada. The famous garden, which is located on the island of Vancouver, is considered to be the most amazing site in the whole world. The construction of the park began in 1888, when the Butchart family acquired a small piece of land to build a cement plant.

Such a blooming beauty happened by chance.

But because of too dull terrain, the family decided to slightly decorate the territory with flowering bushes. And over time, such a random decision created the most beautiful flowering garden. Florists have about 1 million plants from 700 different species. You can see the beauty of magic gardens from the beginning of May to the end of October. And recently, a large collection of birds has also begun to complement it.

The park blooms from May to October without a break

13. Classics of France in the Luxembourg Gardens

Previously, the Royal Garden is now one of the five most visited places in Paris, after the Eiffel Tower. The Luxembourg Garden was created in 1611, when Queen Maria Medici had a desire to create something in her garden that would remind her of her homeland - Florence. Really chic royal park with an area of ​​27 hectares gathered the best flowers and shrubs of Italy.

French beauty with Italian notes

Among Parisians and tourists, the garden is famous for its paths, grandiose fountains, Italian statues and flowering pavilions. Also in the Luxembourg Gardens is an old palace, in one of the halls of which are held the meetings of the French Senate.

Even in autumn, the park is no less beautiful and crowded

12. A colorful park of tulips - Keukenhof

It is also called the garden of Europe, which is considered the brightest, most colorful and best park in the world. Previously, an imperial park in the Netherlands, which spreads over 30 hectares, was founded in 1940. By the way, it blooms between The Hague and Amsterdam. He gained his fame thanks to a huge field with tulips - in Keukenhof grows more than 4 million of all possible types of tulips.

In the park there are just a huge number of all kinds of tulips

The framing of the garden is a variety of fountains, small lakes and stone statues. For tourists, the park is open all spring. In Keckenhof, a famous flower parade is held every year. The park has an interesting translation - "kitchen garden".

Small lakes adorn the park

11. Another Royal Park - Hyde Park in London

Where without English austerity with exquisite beauty. In the heart of London, there is a park spread over 1.4 km². For a long time the park was privately owned, but thanks to Charles I it was opened to the public in the 17th century. It is not only the best, but also the most famous park for the whole world.

The park is especially beautiful in the spring season

The park has Serpentine Lake, where you can swim. Despite restraint, the park is very beautiful. Especially in the warm season when flowering plants are planted here. Also famous places are the Wellington Museum, Achilles Statue and Princess Diana Memorial. But the main attraction is the corner of freedom of speech, where everyone can express their opinion.

Restrained English beauty

10. Another floral, but already heavenly park in Japan - Ashikaga

The simple, but at the same time incredible beauty of the bright and colorful wisteria flowers, which are the main pride of the park, just soars in the clouds. Hardworking Chinese took care of creating arches, which is why such a heavenly effect is created. This is to some extent a little unusual garden. Therefore, he became famous among tourists, which made him one of the best and most visited parks in the world.

The pride of the park is the wisteria tunnels

But complement the flower tunnels and floating flower beds, various geometric shapes made of flowers and bright arbors. Such a garden blooms without a break, because many other flowers have been planted, for example, tulips or 1,500 species of roses.

The garden blooms without interruption

9. Boboli Gardens - the best creation of the Italian Renaissance

One of the most famous and beautiful parks in Florence. The construction began in 1550, but the park has undergone restoration more than once. Today its area covers 4.5 hectares. This is not just one of the best parks in the world, but also the most ancient garden that has retained its amazing beauty.

It is also one of the oldest parks.

True, the garden was only in the Medici residence, and after 1766 it was opened to the public. This is a real museum of garden culture, because it is decorated not only with incredibly beautiful patterns from shrubs, but also with open temples, a fountain, statues, grottoes and colonnades.

Such a park is a real museum art of gardens

8. Gulf Gardens - Singapore's Real Natural Ornament

This is a very unusual park, which surprises with its beauty and size. The area of ​​such decoration is more than 100 hectares, but incredibly tall trees and structures are collected in this place as vertical gardens. At night, this world's best park turns into a fiery greenhouse.

Just incredible beauty opens before the eyes of tourists

There are 18 trees in the park, which reach a height of 50 m. By the way, you can even have dinner at one of them in a restaurant. And the garden is allocated two huge glass greenhouses - Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Everything is huge in the park.

7. Australia is known not only for Sydney, but also for the most beautiful park - the Botanical Garden in Cranborn

The thought of such a creation is life on any conditions. The fact is that the park was built on the site of a sand pit that destroyed vegetation for a long time. In order not to bring in new lands, designers and gardeners tackled such an unusual issue.

One of the most unusual parks in the world

A creative reconstruction of the landscape took place on an area of ​​40 hectares, on which approximately 1700 species of various plants were planted. True, they all have a "persistent character" and tolerate drought well. This is an amazing park, the paths of which are never on the same level or in a straight line. Such a park was built only in 2013, but has already received the title of the best park in the world.

This is Australia's new asset.

6. The Real Garden of Miracles in Dubai

In the Emirates, everything is done with sophistication, brilliance and chic. The park was no exception. In a comparatively small area, more than 45 million various kinds of flowers were collected. Although the park opened relatively recently - in 2013, but has already gathered a lot of tourists. After all, such a palette of bright colors cannot but delight.

Just an abundance of vibrant colors

It is also a record park. It has a 3-meter flower wall that stretches for 800 m. This is a real paradise island in the desert. By the way, to maintain the life of flowers, they use the latest underground irrigation technology. Also in the park you can visit the butterfly garden with 26 species of beauties.

Not even a day is enough to see all the delights of the park

5. Beihai Park or the Imperial Garden in Beijing

This is a true masterpiece of the X century, which translates as the "North Sea". By the way, more than half of the world's best park is Lake Beihai. For many years, the park has been a favorite place for the relaxation of many emperors. The first visitor was not allowed into the park until 1925, after the fall of the Qing Dynasty.

This is an original Chinese park

Until that time, it belonged to the Forbidden City and was considered a private closed territory of noble blood only. Beihai is the standard of real Chinese landscape art with an area of ​​about 70 hectares, which is decorated with various traditional architectural objects.

In the park, half of the territory is occupied by water - for relaxation of body and soul

4. Green Wildlife Isle in Downtown New York - Central Park

It is an equilateral rectangle with an area of ​​341 hectares with numerous lakes, ponds and walking paths. The width of such beauty is 800 m, but the length stretched for 4 km. Many people think that nature itself created the park, but this is far from the case.

This is the most famous park.

In 1859, the Central Park was first opened, which, right up to the lying pebble, is considered to be completely man-made. It is believed that this is the most popular and frequently visited attraction in the United States: about 26 million people visit the Central Park every year. But this makes it still simply the most famous and best park in the world.

It looks like a park in the fall

3. Incredible park created by nature in Croatia - Plitvice Lakes

In the most central part of the country, where the waters of the Qur'an River have washed incredible dams from limestone for millennia, 140 waterfalls, 20 unusual caves and a cascade of lakes flaunted with marvelous scenery.

Just unreal beauty park

This natural park covers about 30 thousand hectares, which is framed by the oldest pine forest, which has the ability to regenerate. The human hand practically does not touch anything in it, so this is not just the best park in the world, but a real natural treasure.

Walking in such a park is a pleasure

2. Pandora Waking or Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China

A real wonderful creation of nature from many green trees, between which there are huge peak pillars of gerbil and quartz. It was opened in 1982 in the mountains of Wulingyuan, Hunan Province, and exactly 10 years later UNESCO recognized the park as a “World Heritage Site”. This best park is rightfully considered the most impressive and famous in the world. Moreover, the most picturesque column "Southern Sky" after the release of the film "Avatar" received the corresponding name "Mount Avatar-Alilluya".

The incredible beauty of the natural park

On average, protrusions have an altitude of up to 800 m, and the highest point reaches 1890 m. This is also the richest place in the number of flora - there are more than 700 thousand species of various plants. This is one of the most visited places among tourists, which attracts not only with its incredibly healing air, but also with its amazing view, which is breathtaking.

From such an excursion is really breathtaking

1. Real palace riot of fountains or Peterhof Gardens in Russia

A complex of palaces with a park area was built not a single century. Peterhof Garden extends to the south of the Gulf of Finland. The central and most popular garden area is the Lower Park with pompous, incredibly beautiful fountains. In total, there are 147 active fountains in the park today. This creation has several titles at once, because it is the largest, most visited and best park not only in Russia, but also in the whole world, which also has a fascinating history.

Park with a large area and history

The garden was founded at the request of Peter the Great, as one of the parts of the royal residence back in 1715. Peterhof is considered the pearl of St. Petersburg and attracts tourists from all over the globe. After all, the whole territory, which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is made in the Baroque style and with all the glitter of gold. The most beautiful is the Samson fountain and the marble Voronikhinskaya colonnade.

Palace luxury in one place

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