What you can give a girl on February 14: 30 best ideas, a list. What to write a girl for a gift for February 14, Valentine's Day: confessions, wishes, poems

What can I give a girl for Valentine's Day.

All Valentine's Day is celebrated annually, and it is likely that your gift fantasy will become scarce. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the options for a variety of expensive and budget gifts for your girlfriend or spouse. Choose the right section and look for the best presentation idea for your sweetheart.

What to give your beloved girl on February 14 original: list

We began to celebrate the holiday of all lovers not so long ago. Previously, it was considered an exclusively European tradition, because the culprit of the appearance of Valentine's Day was a resident of Rome. St. Valentine took the liberty of marrying couples in love who were banned from marrying.

Since that time, couples in love have been preparing gifts for each other, making warm wishes and thank their soul mate for the minutes spent together. If you are in the category of lucky lovers, then the material in this article will be very useful to you.

Gift for the girl on February 14

For a gift to evoke exclusively positive emotions, it is necessary to take its choice seriously and dwell on the most original and unforgettable options. This can be directly the gift itself or a way of presenting it.

Not only the gift is important, but also the way it is offered

The best gift for Valentine's Day is:

  • the one that will be remembered best, and the joy of his possession will be off the scale
  • one that is original and presented as a long-awaited surprise
  • the one the gifted person has been dreaming of for a long time, therefore it is better to ask her beloved in advance what she would most like to receive as a gift
  • it is worth remembering what the beloved girl talked about on the eve of the holiday, what hidden desires she hinted at
  • if you need to keep the intrigue and make a surprise, then you need to remember the tastes and preferences of your beloved
  • if you are preparing a cash gift or another valuable, but not original option, it is important to beat it interesting
It is better to choose a gift in advance

Important: the most common gift on this day is a small valentine card. Hearts, red ribbons and flowers are indispensable attributes of the holiday. Forget about presentations such as expensive and beautiful dishes, a food processor or apron. Not a single representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be delighted with such a surprise.

Of course, the donated kitchen utensils will not gather dust on the shelf, but will become a silent reminder of your unsuccessful attempt to impress a useful thing for the home. Better think about what gift will really be valuable for your soulmate.

Traditionally, on February 14, valentines are given. But it’s better to prepare a more valuable gift besides a postcard

The list of original gifts for Valentine's Day for girls:

  • Romantic candlelight dinner may be exactly the surprise your beloved has long dreamed of
  • A heart-shaped umbrella is a win-win
  • A wallet or a cosmetic bag will not be superfluous, because old ones tend to become worthless.
  • Tour with a visit to the most memorable places for you and the most unusual in the city.
  • Swimming enthusiasts can spend an evening in the sauna or in indoor water park.
A romantic dinner can be an unforgettable gift for a girl if a man takes care of everything himself
  • Not only men dream about modern gadgets. Refresh your beloved technopark and you will get an admiring and grateful (at least) look in response.
  • The girl will be pleased with the brand new smartphone, because it is not just a means of communication, but also the face of its owner. Focus on stylish design, stable performance and high performance accessory.
Refresh your favorite technology park
  • With your new tablet, your soulmate will be able to watch your favorite movies, view photos and follow the news. When choosing a tablet for a girl, it is better to look at models that can call and take pictures with dignity.
A new tablet or laptop will also be a great gift
  • A cup can be an original gift! Having followed the link, you can be convinced of it. Hand-painted, with built-in thermometers, with cute deer or in the form of a cat's head, and many other options should be considered as a gift to your beloved.
  • Luminous glassware made of luminescent glass, which begins to glow as soon as liquid enters it. This gift will be a great addition to a romantic candlelight dinner.
  • A portrait is a compliment of a beloved, dressed in a physical shell of paints and paper. If you decide to give a portrait, then order a present long before the holiday, so that the artist’s workload does not cause untimely work.
Luminous dishes will become the main decoration of the festive table

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Simple, inexpensive gifts for a girl on February 14 for Valentine's Day: a list

A good present is not necessarily an expensive present. If a young man is financially constrained, or for some reason does not have money for a gift, but wants to please his beloved, then the following selection of simple and inexpensive gifts will help to overcome this situation with honor:

  • If your soulmate is ready to wait for you to stand firmly on your feet, you can be sure that there will be a strong and tender relationship between you! Show your beloved what feelings you have for your lady heart - present balloons in the shape of a heart, hanging in the room. You can draw funny faces on them and write declarations of love on everyone.
  • Print the most successful photo of your chosen one on a sheet of standard landscape format and write on the reverse side a declaration of love. Your girlfriend will keep such a valentine along with other things dearest to her.
Decorating the room with heart-shaped balloons, you will surely delight your soulmate

What unusual gift to give a girl on February 14?

Beautiful ladies expect from their beloved men not just romantic gifts with hearts and cute little angels on valentines, but some special impressions and unforgettable moments.

An unusual gift to please your lady of the heart is not difficult if you do not limit your choice to going to a shopping center or a store.

The list of unusual gifts for the girl on February 14:

  • Romantic walk on horses will give you two a sense of joy and clarity of thought. An unforgettable vacation on Valentine's Day is provided for you!
  • Subscription to the spa salon with the option of choosing a service or ordering a spa program for two. The main thing is not to confuse the spa with the gym, otherwise the holiday risks becoming a scandal or a showdown.
A gift certificate or a subscription to the spa can be one of your dreams come true
  • Professional photo shoot dFor a beloved or for two - this is a gift from which any girl will be delighted. After hours of posing in front of the camera, your lady of the heart will be able to share gorgeous photos with her friends on social networks.
After the photoshoot, the girl will have wonderful photos as a keepsake
  • Mittens for two will warm your hands even in severe frost.
  • A mirror is on the wall, and it is not necessary that it be in the shape of a heart. Whatever room the gift is in, it will always remind you of your feelings. After all, your sweetheart will look into it often.
  • An organizer for jewelry of an interesting shape or in the now trendy style of shabby chic will be a very useful present for your beloved. Every self-respecting girl is the owner of jewelry for any occasion, but the box for storing them is not often purchased.
  • Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who are fond of dancing or are just ready to dance to beautiful music will also appreciate such an unusual romantic gift as dance workshop for two. A similar service can be ordered at any dance studio.
A heart-shaped mirror will remind the girl of your feelings Heart shaped jewelry box

Creative gift for a girl on February 14

You can surprise your lady of hearts with a creative gift:

  • Buy movie tickets, but not for a regular session, but exclusively for two. Having ordered a good wine, delicious food, you can enjoy the special atmosphere of love.
  • Make temporary tattooordering the same drawings from the master of the tattoo parlor.
  • A luxurious, but not commonplace gift will be romantic trip to another country.
  • Knowing the hobbies of your sweetheart, you can pay in advance dance, vocal, painting, cooking or jewelery lessons. Your girlfriend herself will choose the right time to attend classes or master classes, and you can enjoy happiness in the eyes of your beloved.
Pair dance lesson - a way to have a great time on Valentine's Day

Lovely, romantic gifts for a girl on February 14: list

Options for cute gifts for February 14 and ideas for their implementation can be found in this section. Photo selection will help you navigate the ocean of offers and find a gift that will delight the heart of your sweetheart.

The list of cute soulful gifts to the girl on February 14:

  • soft toy
  • beautifully printed pillow with a festive theme
  • scented candles or aroma lamp with a set of oils
  • textile hearts
  • bouquet of small plush toys
  • heart shaped photo frame
  • mobile phone stand
A bouquet of toys will say all the words of love for you Pillow with hearts - one of the options for a gift for Valentine's Day Mobile holder - a very unusual gift

Tasty and sweet gifts for a girl on Valentine's Day: a list

  • You can start the festive day with an unusual breakfast. For example, cook the usual dishes, but with a hint of your warm feelings. To make a fried egg heart in bread, you just need to cut a hole in the bread slice that resembles a heart in shape. The bread is fried in a pan, and an egg is driven inside.
  • You can also originally serve a dish of pasta and sausages. Just cut the sausages in half and fry. They turn around and begin to resemble hearts in shape.
Heart shaped scrambled eggs set the mood for the whole day

Valentine can also be sweet. Options for sweet gifts for the girl on February 14:

  • Put a confession note in the candy box.
  • Give the classic sweet offer - a heart-shaped cake.
  • Buy chocolate from a handmade workshop, with words of love or wishes.
  • Order sweets or sweets in the style of “100 reasons for my love for you”: one reason is written on each candy.
  • Present a chocolate photo portrait and eat it together.
  • Give a bouquet of fruits and sweets.
Sweet Valentine's Day Gift On the packaging of chocolates you can write a warm wish

Options for intimate gifts for a girl on February 14

From a beloved man, the girl does not mind getting an intimate gift. However, when offering toys from a sex shop, it should be borne in mind that, not having an intimate relationship with the fair sex, a man risks at least remaining incomprehensible, or angry a girl.

  • You can give a girl an unusual intimate gift - a call for sex, if your sweetheart is all right with a sense of humor. You can use the call in special cases.
  • A classic intimate gift for a loved one is beautiful lace underwear. But this requires knowledge about the size of your lady's heart and her preferences.
An intimate gift can be a certificate in a linen store

The most interesting, the best gift for a girl on February 14

The most interesting gift can be embodied in a material object:

  • jewelry
  • technical innovations
  • piece of clothingthat your sweetheart has long dreamed of
  • The best gift for a girl who dreams and pet will be the embodiment of her dreams into reality in the form of a meowing or squealing fluff in a box with a bow.
Present a pet for a sentimental girl with a cute bow around her neck Box with butterflies as a gift for Valentine's Day

How to surprise a girl on February 14, what surprise should she make?

We omit the description of the most popular types of presentations on February 14, such as rings, wallets, soft toys or a book of a favorite writer.

Here The list of gifts for the girl on February 14 that will surprise your sweetheart:

  • A girl who travels frequently can be gifted geographic scratch card. Together with your sweetheart, you will mark on the map the places of your past or future travels.
  • Rose in a flask will delight your girl with its mysterious beauty for us for 5 years. This effect is achieved by replacing the tissue fluid of the flower with glycerin. The plant retains moisture and does not require special care.
  • An anti-stress pillow filled with small balls will help your sweetheart relieve stress and cheer you up.
The rose in the flask will delight your sweetheart with its beauty for a long time.

Can a girl give a mug, a T-shirt, sweets, a ring, a certificate, a cake and what on February 14?

The gift for the girl on February 14 should remind you of your tender feelings for her. And if it is a mug with a thematic pattern, a T-shirt with a big heart, or a cake with the words “I love”, then why not please our sweetheart with such an offering?

T-shirt for a girl can be presented with an interesting print

What to present to a stranger girl and a girl colleague on February 14?

If you are looking for an answer to the question of what to present to a little-known girl (your spouse’s colleague, your sister-in-law’s sister), then choose a gift that will definitely not lie on the mezzanine or gather dust on the far shelf.

We bring to your attention a list of win-win gifts for a stranger on February 14:

  • Fresh flowers hoop The girl will certainly be remembered as the most unusual gift. The present may not last long, but it will show the depth of your feelings and say about your love, without saying a word.
  • Give a book - world best seller or new. The paper version of the book will be appreciated, because we are increasingly reading from a phone, tablet or e-book. But the thrill of turning over the pages of a new, smelling typographic ink book is not comparable to reading from the most fashionable gadgets.
  • If a concert of a famous pop singer or an interesting performance in the theater is planned in your city, then from two donated tickets the girl will be delighted. And it is likely that you will become her companion for the event.
  • From clothes only scarves, stoles and summer neckerchiefs.
  • From other accessories - case for phone, tablet.
  • Portrait of many photos your sweetheart.
  • You can order in tIpography newspaper, glossy magazine or calendar with a photo of a girl on the first page.
  • For a working girl, never will be superfluous diary with cute cover or name pad.
  • An inexpensive, but very necessary gift will be a flash pendant.
  • Nightlight in the form of a bouquet of flowers every evening will remind who gave it, creating comfort in the room and delighting with its unfading luminous flowers from the night table.
You can give a stranger a night lamp in the form of a bouquet of flowers

What to write to a girl for a gift for February 14: confessions, wishes, poems

Effectively present a gift will help recognition, wishes and short poems about love. In this section you can find kind words for the lady of the heart. And it’s not scary if you forget a couple of lines from a prepared poem. The main thing is to speak honestly and not replay with the originality and ornate phrases.

What to write on Valentine's Day girl

To the girl
I remember our first date
You bloomed like a rose in the Garden of Eden!
You are like a wonderful vision
I won't give you to anyone

SMS to Girl
I so want you to dream more often -
You are not enough for me, dear, in reality.
I want to fall in love with me forever -
I live in dreams and fantasies!

Cool favorite
The sun shone brighter
As if happiness pours from the south!
On valentines day
Everyone falls in love with each other!
Love Confession
When I'm in love and love
I am not alone in this world.
My love is always with me
How happy quivering peace!

I fall in love with you every time
When I see the radiance of lovely eyes
Happy Valentine's Day
I wish you a long and happy life ...

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love
Congratulations, friend, accept from me,
Thy love be bright
I wish you happiness, joy, smiles and warmth.

Cool SMS
Today is our holiday with you.
I will be a prankster with you.
We’ll be naughty with you today,
After all, we love each other very much!

Cool wish
Ah, Valentine's Day!
I will cry for a year
Kohl no cattle in the world
I won’t send a Valentine.
Have a wonderful evening
There is a great reason.
Congratulations my sun
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day
I congratulate you
You are my beloved man
I can’t live without you ...

Congratulations on the holiday of love
Happy Valentine's Day!
I wish always myself
You loved and were loved!

What to wish you in the winter
February 14th?
So that you always be such
So that you live, loving people
So that happiness appears in life
And all the good things came true
So that only the best happens
And all the beautiful was found!
In life there is a place for a miracle -
On this feast of February
You say - I will be happy
And believe in a dream, loving.
Let feverishly february
And winter is rampant.
I will snuggle close to you -
And spring will come for us.
You know, the best of men
You are my dear Valentine!
My love for you knows no barriers
May Valentine bless her!
You are smart, funny, sometimes crazy
Love her - my heart tells me!
On valentines day
To everyone who loves and is loved,
Who knew resentment, tears,
Those who believe in fairy tales, dreams,
Who warmed by love light
You, sung by poets,
Delicate, delicate and vulnerable
The best, the cutest
My delight and admiration.
I wish you happiness many, many
A piece of blue sky
And in him the coveted star -
Your love, your destiny.
I wish you to be happy
To love and be always loved!
A bouquet of hot red flowers -
A sign of feelings of love for you beautiful!
And on this day the February blizzard
Love one another deeply.

Don't live sadly
Do not regret what happened,
Do not guess what will happen
Take care that is!
And may happiness be a companion
Will remain forever
And there will always be
Beloved person!
On valentines day
And in any other
I feel happy
If you are with me!

May happiness not pass by
In love, of course, lucky!
And valentines day
Let it be in life all year round!

In life, personal, intimate takes a lion's share ...
Happy Valentine's Day I congratulate my beloved!
It’s good that you are in this world!
I am not afraid of either a storm or snow.
My beloved, {Name of my beloved},
I want to be with you always!

Fate told me to be
And you can’t answer her no.
I'm yours while you love me
One year or a thousand years.
I'm yours while you wait for me
While you will be sad for me.
I want to give you so much myself
As much as there can be!

Dream lover
Burning bridges
My postcard
I am behind the door ...
And the flowers.