How to quickly fix a zipper, metal, plastic, countersunk, if it diverges, if the slider has flown? How to unzip a zipper if it is open, what to do to keep the zipper open: tips

Solving the problem with lightning.

Today it is hard to imagine how we did before without such a convenient and practical fastener - a zipper, which has become an integral part in many items of our wardrobe. Clothing, bags, shoes - far from the entire scope of such a useful invention. But what if she broke? We will try to figure this out further.

Why the lightning lock diverges: reasons

The zipper is called differently:

  • snake
  • zipper
  • clasp

It is a type of fastener that is designed to quickly connect parts of clothing. Modern designers are developing new versions of zippers with improved clips to prevent possible breakdowns. However, a model that would never break, unfortunately, has not yet been created. And over time, most "snakes" begin to diverge.

In order to understand the causes of the trouble, you need to understand how such a fastener is arranged and what is the principle of its operation. "Snake" is two textile tapes with links (denticles) fixed to them. These links are staggered and can be:

  • plastic
  • metal
  • kapron (flexible, on a thin fabric basis with spiral brackets)

The connection of the cloves with each other is carried out using a lock, which has different names:

  • runner
  • "dog"
  • slider
  • carriage
What to do with the open lock

The principle of operation of such a fastener is as follows:

  • the slider slides along the ribbon, connecting the links together, like puzzles
  • each link is fixed by two links on the opposite side

Possible reasons why the teeth are not connected to the zipper:

  • the slider is open and does not fit snugly
  • the shape of one of the elements is broken
  • runner breakdown
  • on a fastener broken or deformed teeth
  • a thread or fabric is stuck in the lock
  • dirt has accumulated between the links (often this problem happens with shoes)

How to unzip a zipper if it is open, what to do to keep the zipper open: tips

Sometimes with a zipper that has opened, the slider gets stuck at the top or in the middle. What can be done in this case?

The technology depends on the type of zipper.

Detachable (used on sweaters, jackets or other outerwear):

  • insert the bottom ends of the clasp into the square retainer
  • take the dog by its base, and not by the decorative keychain
  • pressing the slider to the links, smoothly and slowly, lead him down
  • hold the clasp with your second hand
  • when you reach the latch, gently engage it with the slider
  • unzip

One-piece (sewn into jeans, skirts, trousers, bags, wallets):

  • unclip the stops on top of the clasp
  • slide the slider to the edge of the ribbon
  • try not to get the tissue between the cloves and the dog
  • remove the carriage from the zipper
Open the zipper

Now check if the fastener can be repaired. For this:

  • manually fasten the bottom ends
  • with the other hand, grasp the base of the slider
  • holding the bottom end, slowly push the little dog up the zipper
  • if during this action the links of the lightning did not connect, it must be replaced

In the event that the clutch between the fastener links still occurs, there is a chance to repair the zipper yourself. It happens that lightning diverges from above. Especially often this problem occurs with jeans or skirts.

In emergency cases, this method can help:

  • pass the rubber band or wire ring into the dog
  • fasten the "snake"
  • put a rubber band (ring) on ​​the button
  • loop the button

In order for the zipper to serve you for a long time and not break, use it correctly:

  • do not pull the “dog” with all the force and do not pull it when fastening / unfastening
  • before fastening the zipper, straighten the sides of the product so that there are no stretched areas
  • in cases where the lock is too tight, lubricate it with a suitable tool or rub the teeth with a graphite pencil rod
  • avoid excessive pressure on the clasp (buy clothes that are not too tight, do not carry a lot of things in your bag)
  • periodically clean the clasp from dirt with a brush
  • always zip up before washing and turn things inside out
  • fold your clothes so that the zipper does not bend
  • when ironing, avoid touching the fastener with a hot iron

How to quickly repair a metal zipper if it diverges or a slider flies?

A metal fastener - a zipper is considered the most reliable and durable, since its teeth (brass or nickel) are located on a sufficiently dense material and are connected together extremely tightly.

However, it has several disadvantages:

  • scratches fingers
  • often slider
  • clings to the threads of the teeth

In order to fix the parted fastener, you first need to determine the cause of the breakdown. In the case where the slider is to blame, you can make a quick repair like this:

  • prepare thin pliers (pliers) or non-sharp tongs
  • carefully examine the slider to determine the location of voids and partitions inside it
  • Using pliers, gently press both sides of the dog to the fastener links.
  • do it top and bottom
  • fasten the "snake"
  • squeeze the base of the slider slightly towards the center
  • do not overdo it, press lightly so as not to break the lock and make it too tight

Sometimes metal lightning begins to diverge due to deformation of the links. At the initial stage, it is not difficult to correct the situation:

  • spread the thing on a hard surface
  • tap easily along the entire length with a hammer
  • do it from the outside and the inside
  • walk this way several times

If the "snake" diverges in only one place, this means that in this area the teeth are especially damaged. You can fix it like this:

  • fasten the zipper
  • in the area where the links diverge, connect them with your hands
  • lightly pressing with pliers to align the problematic teeth
Mending lightning

In the case when the links are damaged or missing at the bottom of the "snake", you can do the following:

  • on one-piece - sew a few stitches over the missing cloves. In this case, the fastener will only be unfastened to this wired area. Check if you will be long enough for comfortable use.
  • on detachable - change the lower limiter on which the slider rests. To do this, remove it, helping yourself with pliers. Replace it with a stopper that is larger. He will close the hole from the missing link.

Sometimes a dog flies from a zipper, and it becomes impossible to use a thing. A similar problem is also quite fixable.

When the slider has flown completely:

  • slightly support the seam with which the clasp is sewn to the product
  • pull out the ends on one side
  • using tweezers, an awl or small scissors, unclench the retaining clips at the top or bottom of the zipper (where it is more convenient) and remove them from the fabric base
  • pass the ends of the braid into the slider
  • push it a little by zipper
  • put the locks in place

When the slider flew only on one side:

  • from the edge that is not attached to the braid, squeeze the slider slightly with forceps to increase the gap between its walls
  • put it down
  • Carefully thread the clasps into the slider
  • make sure that they are evenly spaced, without tension or bending
  • lightly push the edges of the slider
  • in the case when to unclench the walls of the "dog" does not work:
  • remove the stopper on one side
  • put on a little dog
  • put the limiter back

In the event that the slider is broken and it is impossible to replace it, it must be replaced. When buying a new one, note that its shape and size must match the configuration of the fastener. On the reverse side of the "dog" is the size in millimeters. If the lock is lost, it is better to take the zipper with you to the store to avoid a wrong purchase.

Repair metal zipper

Please note that inserting a slider on the "snake" will be much easier if you lubricate it first:

  • vegetable oil
  • paraffin candles
  • unsalted fat
  • toilet soap

Use literally a drop of the selected product, so as not to clog the slider and links, as well as not to stain the product.

How to quickly fix a plastic zipper if it diverges or a slider flies?

Manufacturers most often use lightning made of plastic, sometimes called "tractor", for their products. It is not as strong as metal, but has, in comparison with it, a number of advantages:

  • doesn't cling
  • fastens easier
  • less weight
  • has a variety of colors

However, the drawbacks of the plastic fastener are that it breaks faster and the slider more often “flies” from it.

When the plastic zipper just started to disperse, do the following:

  • unfasten the clasp
  • treat the cloves with a cotton swab dipped in an alcohol solution of rosin
  • let dry for several hours
Plastic zipper problems

If this method did not help to correct the situation, then the slider is most likely damaged. It will hardly be possible to squeeze it with pliers, since the plastic can simply burst. Therefore, the best way out is to replace the dog. This is done in the same way as in the case of metal lightning, taking into account some points:

  • the clips that are removed from the clasp to replace the "dog" in the same place just stick
  • in cases where this does not work out, make several stitches in the place of the stops with matching threads that will hold the slider
  • if the base is damaged by permanent zipper, coat this area with colorless varnish and allow to dry completely
  • in case when several teeth have fallen out on a kapron "snake" or they are badly damaged, sew this area with fishing line, twisting the turns
  • it is usually not possible to insert a “dog” into thin nylon zippers, since it is too small. Therefore, clothes with such locks are best attributed to the studio, where you can easily replace the fastener with a new one.

In urgent cases, when there is no opportunity to buy a new slider, and there is nothing to replace the thing on which the fastener has opened, you can try the following:

  • use a lighter to warm up the slider
  • under the influence of heat, its walls will become a little softer
  • squeeze the edges of the slider

However, I must say that this method is not very reliable because of the risk of damaging the fabric of the thing or the zipper itself.

How to quickly fix a hidden zipper if it diverges or a slider flies?

Clasp - secret zipper - this is a relatively recent invention, which is used for flowing and light fabrics or secret pockets. She does not tarnish the fabric on clothes and therefore is almost invisible to the eye. The main problem with this type of fastener is that the fabric often falls between the halves of the snake.

If the secret lightning has parted or a runner has flown from it, then in most cases it, unfortunately, cannot be repaired. You can try the repair methods described above, but the best option is to sew a new fastener.

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